My short trip! (part 1)

so i went to the land of smiles in early march with mummy and my aunt cos there was a long break for me! though i dont know if that was a smart thing to do. HAHA. and i had a panic attack due to my us visa. oh wells. anyway. our flight with jetstar was an early one. so we reached the airport, checked in and went inside already. t1 changed alot i must say. even the toilet is much nicer now. haha. anyway i was buying duty free when there’s this lady infront of me (probably air stewardess or sth from some ah tiong land) who bought lots of stuffs. and she’s like so troublesome! she wanted some of her stuffs to be paid in cash, some paid in netts, some by card then extra bag then she thinks that the bag wasnt nice enough so she asked the staff for a nicer bag. ohmygosh! and that made us almost missed our flight! stupid ah tiong lady 😦

tada! the toilet

my duty free! okay la. only the perfume’s mine. haha

no. 5! 🙂 i think im so gonna stick to no. 5 from now one. muahaha (UH so please do not buy me perfume for my birthday okay. hahha. i just bought one and still had 2 more to go. lol)

bye sg!

ready for mad shopping in bkk!

day break in bkk! 🙂

cabbing to our hotel/serviced apartment

there! the place where i stayed. hmm why we okay me, chose this place was cos it’s cheap! and near bts station (very convenient) and not too far from siam area (good!) hahaha. okay it isnt like those normal hotel got big big area for taxi to drop off. the taxi has to turn into some alley which leads into the serviced apartment, but still safe la! haha and the rooms are big 🙂

the lobby

the free wifi area

and the area to the reception

the small kitchen area

and you turn around, is the living room!

the bedroom! so cosy right. haha

i think sometimes when you book a hotel online, the pictures and the reality dont match. but for this place, it matches exactly so i was pretty pleased 🙂

after we dumped our luggage off, we went to platinum mall (whoohoo!) and of course had lunch first.

the wholesale place!!

my first meal in bkk! phad thai

thai style oyster omelette, which was not too my liking cos it’s too oily and too much dough. and moral of the story is if the food is not too your liking, dont force it. cos my aunt went to finish it and had indigestion -.-“

i love this alot! well, there were supposedly to be 6. but cos while i went to buy tom yum soup for them, they started without me so thats why there are 5 left now. -___-

tom yum goong! but not spicy at all! which is a good thing cos my mum dont really eat spicy food. and the soup helps to complement the not-so-nice oyster omelette. haha. well, i definitely gonna try spicy tom yum goong next time!

this is bird’s nest btw. i know you cant tell. hahha. cheap cheap. 100baht for one bowl. so it’s probably $4? i think i can have this every meal and not get sick!

shopping time! there are a total of 6 floors to comb. and you can literally spend one day in there. it’s quite common to see people pulling trolleys and buying clothes cos well it’s a wholesale centre! there’s actually v little to bargain so if you expect alot of bargaining in here, you’ll probably be disappointed. and their stuffs are already v cheap! so if you bargain some more, they probably cant earn much ya.

and after shopping for 3 levels, i was dead beat. so we went down to have some coffee at black canyon coffee (which literally speaks for its name). i ordered cookies and cream but it’s still very bitter! 😡

and then, we continued to shop (till we drop. haha) and finally cab back to hotel to drop our buys and rest some more first. i wanted to have dinner at siam but the weather wasnt very optimistic so we thought maybe we just had dinner nearby. and so we patronised this seafood place that was just opposite our hotel! and it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. hehe

i think i forgot the name of the place. but it’s just beside ratchathewi station! very convenient 🙂

the live seafood behind us

starters! which i dont know what is it, just that it tasted like popiah. haha. the oily version though

yes i was very pleased with my coconut.

our first dish. some tofu and meat soup. which was very yummy for a simple dish. heh

some veggy dish. i think all their veggy cooked with the same kind of sauce. HAHAHA. im serious! but yummy la. i think it’s oyster sauce. hmm

and the highlight of the dinner. dont underestimate this fish. it is SO spicy! but i wont mind eating it over and over again. hhaha. super good!

black pepper river prawns. i was quite surprised the river prawns are actually so big. haha. i thought they would be small in size. but yummy also

and then cos it was pouring like mad outside, we decided to stay in the hotel and not wander around. and that was 7 plus bkk time. super early! hahaha. which we dont really have much to do cos the tv wasnt really receiving the signal well. and i cant remember what i did that night either.

my buys for the first day! not alot okay. cos half’s mine and half’s mummy’s.

so okay! the next morning already!

rise and shine!

so we went down for brekkie. uh ya. they served free brekkie during our stay

the food’s not bad honestly. i was surprised. hahaha. i mean like come on, how can anything in bkk be bad. (or so i thought) yeah but then if you eat this for 3 days consecutive, you’ll get sick of it. lol

picture before we go!

there! the bts station. very conveniently located. and jam in the early morning. but then later we analyse and realise that it’s actually due to the traffic light (cos the light took very long to change). ya so it wasnt that bad

trying to figure out how to use this. okay la. it was me doing all the thinking. lol and then i realised you just match the number on the map to the price. tada!

our single trip tickets. and by the end of the trip i realised we took so many journeys we could have bought the other kind (which was more worthwhile) but of course i didnt tell them, since it was already the end of the trip.

train’s coming! we missed 3 trips before we finally got on the super squeezy train! @@ now i understand why some ppl cab everywhere in bkk. cos it’s cheap and you dont have to squeeze. but i still train everywhere. hahaha. and i realised at some interchange, there will be police/security/train masters/whatever you call that at the stations to warn people by blowing whistle. uh yes fyi, they dont do the sg way, ie, through pa system. and the strangest thing is after the train leaves the station, the police/security/train masters/whatever you call them salute to the train! okay i THINK they are saluting to the train. cannot be salute to us right…

they actually tell you what are the attractions that are near the station. so helpful! ^o^

we visited erawan shrine cos my aunt wants to go and pray and that was the nearest to the spa place. plus i was too lazy to go wat pho. haha

vendors selling flowers along the route to the shrine

and then i spotted a policeman saluting (i-dont-know-who/what) but im very positive it’s not the guy infront of him

some ritual going on (i think)

the shrine! but according to someone, he said the shrine only blessed foreigners and not locals. HAHA. oops

and then i spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how to get to the spa place. if there’s one place i’ll get lost, it is definitely bkk -.- cos the map and the roads dont really match! i had 3 maps some more okayy. and i was feeling v pekcek that day cos my aunt suddenly mentioned she wanted to go and pray. then reach already say why so small (how would i know! seriously) then still must go in the morning (must as well go 6am la). then our spa is like 3 hours later. and then no shopping malls were opened. so ya i was pekcek max. zzz nvm. so we walked over to central world and waited for the shopping mall to be opened.

and then we saw people trying to create a race track. pretty awesome!

some random heart mirror 🙂

i was amazed that they dont close their shops! dont they scared people just go in take their clothes and walk off??

and i think i needed to buy sth, so i went zara. hahaha. and eventually bought a top. but then, it was more expensive than sg 😦 AND. the locals thought im thai. cos they will talk to me in thai, then i will give them the huh look and then they will say ‘oh, you look like thai!’ okay thanks. so now i look a lil bit of every southeast asian country. :/ (yeah im actually mixed blood *winks)

then we went out of the mall and saw this elephant statue and lady something statue so okay i brought them to pray (since they like to pray so much). uh then suddenly this uncle (probably some security guard or sth) approached us and told us how to pray and said that that day was a fine day for praying, as in our prayers will be answered and all. then after that he told us to get flowers at the roadside for the statues. so okay, the flowers were a ring of orange flowers and some roses i think (which costs 150 baht each, but… later we found out from my tour guide the flowers only cost 45 baht. *breathes in, breathes out*) okay nvm. haha. so before leaving, the uncle asked if we would like to give him some tips. probably 100 baht will be good. SO BLATANTLY! and i thought he helped us out of good will. CHEY! so people, beware. hahahhahaa. next time when you pray, anyhow pray also can. dont need people to guide you okay.

okay later when we finally found our spa place!


this place was recommended by my cousin and wow, it’s really good!

the condiments that were used in various spa process

spa menu! hahaha i know you cant see.

tea and towel for a start

then they offered you bathroom slippers for you to change while you can just leave your shoes and they will take care of it. 5-star service! lol

then i get to choose my body scrub! from flowers, vegetables, rice and fruits! i chose the rice one cos it was super super fragrant. the vegetable one was the worst (in my opinion. haha)

then off for foot scrub!

i was brought to my room, which i had the whole room to myself. muahaha

the shower area

the massage was so nice i fell asleep many times. hahaha. it was not painful at all and i love it (cos im very scared of pain) oh. i did not choose thai massage btw. if i had chosen that, i think i’ll probably scream throughout the entire massage. haahha. cos according to my mum, it was quite an exceptional experience. HAHA

refreshments after spa!

this mango sticky rice was so awesome, like really!

then we bought some of their souvenirs. like the coconut biscuit which was very good! lol. and instantly after we came out of the hotel, we started to sweat. OMG. the weather in bkk was unbearable okay. it was only there when i began to appreciate sg’s weather so much! so yes singaporeans, be grateful.

then we went shopping at siam sq! 🙂 i was really excited cos they say it’s like bugis street so i thought things there will be cheap. but when i started walking one part, the prices were all like 800-900 baht which was abt 35 sing at least. it’s more of fep than bugis street lor. and so i was really disappointed. but the shopaholic in me refuse to give up (haha) so we continued walking and came to this alley called little siam. and finally! muahahah 200baht each! excited much. and uh ya i bought quite a few pieces la. teehee. and then i realised siam is even more crowded at night with all the street vendors setting up their stalls. so probably if you are interested, you can go at night to grab some steals 🙂

and dinner was at hong kong noodles. i found this from the bangkok website. actually i was finding another place (but i got lost, as usual. lol) and accidentally found hong kong noodles.

yummy dumpling + roast duck + roast chicken noodles. really v good!

yummy fish maw soup! i like 🙂

yummy curry crab meat rice. i realise in thailand, they have alot of dishes that are crab related. LOL. are their crab that cheap?

yummy thai milk tea!

dim sum! i cant remember what is this actually. i think is some prawn with mango thingy

some sweet thai chilli prawn dumpling (i think)

i think this is char siew rice roll.

so after eating, we continued to shop some more.. and some more and we went patpong that night! okay people, patpong is not just abt ah guas okay. hahaha. they got night market in there so yes obviously we visited the night market la. then later cos i was so tired from shopping, we went into haagen dazz for some icecream!

icecream never tasted that good. haha

and then cos it was still pretty early, i thought we could have visited suan lum night bazaar (according to the maps i had) and we took the mrt there!

the mrt station!

and then when we came out of the station, we were like how come so quiet one. cos the map says it’s just like outside the station you know. so we asked one the locals that provided motorcycle service. then he told us…. suan lum closed 2 years ago! @@ okay thanks. so we made a wasted trip due to the maps. hello bkk! maybe you would like to update the maps yeah?

so in the end, we went home after a long day out.

all mine! HAHAHA (UH so people dont buy me clothes for my birthday too okay. HAHAHHA)

that marks the end of day 1 and day 2!

come back for more 🙂

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