taiwan – xmd, airport

last day of our trip! even our teddy bears are packed to go home. haha. i love this photo. they look exceptionally cute.

so since it is the last day, we stayed around xmd and see if there’s anythings we would like to buy. plus it was raining, we couldnt really go far. so we walked around those buildings we have yet to visit. which actually wasnt many, if you ask for my opinions. haha. and we head back to hotel to wait for our shuttle to come. which was a. start. to. a. complete. nightmare.

looking for one-piece stuffs i think.

at the lobby waiting.

last group photo

waiting for the freego bus to pick us up

and we started to panic. cos the bus had yet to appear after quite some time. lols. we kept looking at the time and wondered when was the bus gonna arrive. and after goodness how long, it finally came. but it wasnt like the same one we took to come to xmd. it was more like a public bus with lots of people inside. i assume everyone’s leaving that day as well. so the bus went to more places and pick up more people and it finally stopped at some random place. like really totally random. it turned out that we had to change to another bus! omg. at that point of time, we were already quite pressed for time and still had to wait for another bus to pick us up!! totally rubbish you know. and i guess alot people were quite angry as well. so much for their efficiency. tsk. so when we finally reached the airport, we just alighted cos we dont know where to go. and it turned out we alighted at the wrong terminal. SIGHS. so we ran all the way to the next terminal. we really didnt stop at all. omg. it was a nightmare. by the time we reached the check in counter. i think we were the last to check in. cos the airport staffs were waiting for us! HAHAHAH. and the climax of this situation? the flight got delayed -.- so we ran for nothing.. !@#$%^%$

i guess. that’s the only bad thing about the freego bus. but it’s enough to throw everyone and everything into chaos. hahaha. okay that basically sums up my whole entire 12 days of taiwan. in short, it was a memorable experience with the most awesome company. BUT. I STILL PREFER HONGKONG ❤ hahahaa. okay. till next time 🙂

click here for DAY 11!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeng says:

    I LOVE TAIWAN ROOOOOKAY! Places are so much nicer!

    HK if not rich cannot go la.

    And i forgot about the rushing part. Haha …


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