taiwan – springcity, danshui, fishermen’s wharf, pasoul

day 11 must be the most relaxed and let-down-your-hair day. haha. we went for hotspring at spring city resort and it’s awesome! πŸ™‚ i read from many places that people normally visit those enclosed hotsprings meaning you just stuck in a room and well, basically just stare at each other. lols. so we decided to visit an alfresco one πŸ™‚ the resort is located at beitou and you can take a free shuttle from the station to the resort!

on the wayy. it was a long wayyy. hahaha

beitou station

sadly, we missed the shuttle timing. so we spent the next 45 mins camwhoring and waiting for the next shuttle. haha. and cos i read somewhere there are actually alot people going to spring city. we queued like 15 mins beforehand. lol. i know we had totally shown our kiasu nature. nevertheless, we reached spring city finally! πŸ™‚ it was a v pretty place. and they gave you a basket each that contained of slippers, towel, bathrobe (you can ask for it) and also there’s a locker for you to keep your stuffs.

they had 8-9 different kind of spas at various temperature that is catered for different outcome. we didnt try the solar hotspring cos it was really really burning hot. hahaha. but yes, you get a view of the surrounding and get to spend as long as you want in there. and the toilet is all for us to use! muahaha. cos we went around lunch time and there was not much people πŸ™‚

for your information, you are not encouraged to consume anything heavy one hour before and one hour after your spa.

the ladies!

they had everything in there. comb, moisturizer and hairdryer

pictures outside our toilets.

and since we have to wait for the shuttle to arrive to fetch us down to the station, we took even more pictures in the lobby. haha. i think by the time, we were really really tired already. oh btw, you had to tell the reception which shuttle timing you wanna take back to beitou/xinbeitou when you first arrived.

tsk. we are such camwhores. hahaha

for those who are interested, you can visit their website! http://www.springresort.com.tw/

so we made our way to danshui, in search for food! ohmygod. cant express how hungry we are. hahaha. so we chanced upon this old shop and decided to give it a chance. and im glad we did! they serve really yummy yummy food πŸ™‚

see how happy they are. haha. 牛肉麡 in taiwan is da best!

cant tell you how yummy this roast chicken is.

and we caught a ferry to fisherman’s wharf to catch the sunset. we were afraid that we wouldnt be in time. haha. so we were panicking our way to the dock. lols. oh. sunset’s at 5pm!

our ferry tickets

ferry’s here!

it was a windy and bumpy ride~

the lover’s bridge!

finally reached fisherman’s wharf and buying bbt. hah

okay you cant really see the sun cos it’s covered by the clouds that day. haha. but fisherman’s wharf is really pretty and windy. there were alot people there enjoying the scenery and listening to the live music. the atmosphere was pretty good and relaxing.

soo cute right?

so nice you can sleep!

look! sun is setting. teehee

20 years later till me meet again πŸ™‚ same pose ok. hahaha

and the sky’s changing

so after dont know how long, we just stood there and emo and enjoy the scenery (lol) and decided it’s time to head back to shore. cos.. we’re going pasoul again! hahaha

look who we found while catching a cab at ximending! haha. they were in taiwan for starsearch 2010

and some of the clubbing photos!

i think we’re abit insane to club twice. lol. but ohwells, it’s an experience πŸ˜€

phew. one more entry of taiwan! stay tune πŸ™‚

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