taiwan – leofoo themepark, feitian steamboat

day 10 started with much anticipation. cos we’re going to leofoo themepark!! haha. and we finally tried their macs brekkie. well, they got pork burgers for breakfast. but they got no ice milo! hahaha. i think ice milo is a southeast asian identity. hahaha. they only had like orange juice as their alternative i think. very limited choices indeed.

i prefer sg macs. haha

so after that, we trained down jiangan station so as to take the e-go bus to leofoo. sadly, the the bus was already pretty full when it arrived and we had to wait for the next one which took about 40 mins? so in the end, we gave in to temptation and cab there instead. LOL. well, i think the cab driver cheated us off a lil but we were really desperate to get out of the sun and scorching weather. so yes, we reached leofoo in a short while.

i think leofoo is separated into the amusement ride land and the animal land. but then again, the animal land wasn’t very big. hahaha. so we moved on to the amusement land pretty quick.

i dont really think there was a live crocodile inside. lol or maybe there was.


found this really cute. so we made the guys post w it. haha

lets step into arabian kingdom!

the ring of fire on the left and flying horse on the right

we went to queue for the ring of fire. (the left one above) thought it would be scary. but.. hahhaah it was really boring! the flying carpet was equally boring, but i thought it was better than ring of fire. haha

time for some turkey icecream!

we went for their 3D adventure which was really beyond expectation. haha. i think maybe there was something wrong w the glasses? so the effects didnt reflect that well. and the play was really …. (i dont know what to say) overall, a bad experience. :/

bye aladdin!

off to south pacific land! (weird name though. haha) and this is where i found i out i got bitten by sandflies! super poor thing 😦 up till now the scars still remain 😦 😦

i think this is called deep sea adventure. although i dont know which part looks like it. LOL. but at least we experienced some centrifugal force w this. and the guys even went to take this twice!

their second time

and the result.. hahaha. oh, pang never went with them. thus, he’s the most sober among them all.

screaming condor at wild west land! when we first saw it, gulp, we really did think twice about going up. so the 4 brave souls went up first. and it was an oh-my-loving-it experience. hahahha. it wasnt scary at all! i think this is the only and the best ride leofoo can offer man. lol. so yes! dont be deterred by the sight of it. it is nothing 🙂

so we thought, lets end with a wet ride and we went to take the rapids ride.

not knowing what to expect

and to a new all-time low. hahaha. it was insane. we were drenched from top to bottom and the water is damn gross! eww. lols

so we dragged everyone to take screaming condor once more. haha. yes we convinced them it was not scary and man, it was worth it 🙂

i love this photo especially

bye leofoo! it was quite an experience. haha. so we left leofoo and head back to taipei on the ego bus. our destination? 麻辣火鍋! we went to 飛天火鍋 back at ximending. and ohmygod. lol. taiwan’s steamboat is really different from spore’s. love it to the maxx!

we were starving!

3 different soup base to choose from!

and free flow beef!

haha. the spiciness setting in!

our class guys and their love for steamboat. haha

our dessert – haagen-dazs icecream. yums.

and we decided to go back to shihlin again to do some last minute shopping. where we finally got our 太陽餅! this 太陽餅 is super nice!! hahah we’re so glad we didnt get it the previous time at liyi.

btw. im someone who doesnt eat 太陽餅. so if i say it’s nice, it’s nice 😀

our whole bag of 太陽餅. haha 😀

last pic for the day! goodbye day 10 🙂

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  1. elyana says:

    Erms…so what’s the brand of that wonderful taiyangbing? Haha


    1. irisslove says:

      Hi, it’s called 台中名产太阳饼. They actually carry it in Singapore now, so perhaps you would like to try other brands when you are there 🙂


      1. Elyana says:

        oh haha okay, thanks! =)


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