taiwan – taipei(CKS memorial hall, kitty sweets, ktv)

morning day 9!

i guess as the days past, we feel not as excited as we did on the first few days. hahaha. maybe cos we were so sianed there’s nothing to eat at xmd early in the morning so we take our own sweet time to prepare and set off! today we visited the chiang kai-shek memorial hall and to watch the change of guards ceremony! it was pretty hot that day! very sad that the weather wasnt that cooling anymore as compared to previous days. i was surprised the guards change their routine. haha. i thought they would be marching up the stairs. apparently, i think they are afraid of the sun too. LOL.

this is not the memorial hall. haha

there! behind us.


and we finally climbed up the long flight of stairs and made it to the ceremony!

the cool swinging gun process

then we went to hello kitty sweets for late lunch! (so exciting!) hahaha. okkay la. i think im the only excited one 😦 the guys are really not that enthu. lol. anyway. all the stuffs inside hello kitty sweets are really hello kitty related. it’s super cute 🙂 hee

yups. how the guys kill kitty. LOL

when the kitty pudding came, we almost died. hahaha. cos the set was too much to handle. like the drink and the cake was filling enough! omg. anyway there is a minimum spending of NT300 per pax. so yups. if you are going for tea break, i advice a light lunch. if not, you will be too full to finish it.

trying to put on a smile for us. hehe

the toilet is pink too!

erms. they decide to do something funny. hahaha. cos they really feel like dying in kitty sweets. lol

it was quite funny to see them doing this cos there were alot of cars on the road and they were staring. haha. so i purposely made them stand there for some time. lol

yeah. they were that happy to be out. hahaha. so we went to find 太陽餅 after this. yups. the supposedly famous liyi 太陽餅. but after trying it, we found it to be too sweet and it wasnt that good afterall. so we decided to skip it and hopefully see if we can find any nicer ones. next up! ktv! hahaha. we totally live it like a local. lol

we never stopped eating. lol

thats the end! come back for day 10 🙂

click HERE for DAY 8!

click HERE for DAY 10!



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