422. Pince and Pints

This place opened with so much hype it probably flooded my instagram even before it officially opened for business. It’s an adaptation of London’s Burgers & Lobsters or so that’s what everybody says. But since I’m not that fortunate to try the one in London, I just have to make do with this Singapore’s version….

417. Potato Head Folk @ Keong Saik Road

Potato Head Folk finally opened its doors in Singapore. The much awaited PTT is a total different concept from its Bali counterpart. Here, they only serve burgers and cocktails and they don’t take reservations. So go early if not you have to count your lucky stars for getting a table in that small dining space….

331. Lime House @ Jiak Chuan Road

This post officially kickstarts my month long celebration of birthday lunches and dinners. You don’t normally find restaurants serving Carribean food in Singapore so Lime House is probably one of the few. But honestly, none of us have tried Carribean food before so armed with an adventurous attitude, here we go! The servers were really…

261. Latteria Mozzarella Bar @ Duxton

Celebrated a colleague’s farewell at Latteria. Place wasn’t the most accessible. Food wasn’t the most memorable. The only up side was they have pretty good ambience and portion of pasta was really generous. Bread, pretty forgettable Bufala Not too bad. I like the cheese was light, though I certainly enjoyed the cherry tomatoes more than…

240. Department of Caffeine (Closed)

Another new kid on the block, Department of Caffeine (D.O.C) on Duxton road is a pretty small place that serves brunch and coffee for those lazy people. 🙂 It’s pretty cozy with simple furniture and deco and also the whole place looks like a family business to me. Honestly, the food was alright but I…