September Coffee – Cafe in Chinatown with Instagrammable Drinks

I first came across September Coffee on XHS and wanted to check the place out. So we made our way down only to be told the kitchen had run out of food from the day before and they could only serve drinks and desserts. So in all, I actually made it down 3x cos every time I go down, they have no food. But well, I guess 3rd time’s the charm. Located near the Sri Layan temple at Chinatown, the cafe is spacious with hues of earthy tones and greenery filling the space. I was actually curious about the origination of the name and wanted to be lame about it but every time I see them so busy, I decided to forget about it. lol





Sakura Lychee Spritz $7

Sakura, Lychee Juice, Sparkling

I think anything lychee cannot go wrong, and with a pretty presentation is a bonus


Senset Breeze $7

Honey Citron, Sparkling & Butterly Pea


One for the gram, the drink changes colour as you pour the lime syrup into it


The drinks are all very pretty and tasted pretty decent too. Something refreshing and thirst-quenching if you are not a caffeine person


Iced Espresso Latte $8


I really liked their latte. Comes in an iced cube form, it keeps the density of the coffee constant and there was a thick creamy texture whenever you take a sip. It was delicious


Iced Black Sesame Latte $8

Sesame Cream, Fresh Milk & Coffee


The black sesame latte was equally good too. You can taste the fragrance of the black sesame, followed by the creaminess of the milk, ending with the kick of the caffeine. If you are someone who enjoys black sesame, you would probably enjoy this drink as well


Truffle Tater Tots $7

Tater Tots, Parmesan, Truffle Mayo

Their tater tots were good. Thought of trying something different other than their fries, they tasted like hashbrown, with lots of truffle taste and yes, they were filling enough


Tiger Prawn Toast $14

Tiger Prawn, Kizami Wasabi Mayo, Cured Ikura, Toasted Brioche


Crunchy prawn bits with nicely toasted brioche bun with a burst of ikura to wrap it up. If you are not that hungry, these small bites could actually work


Soy-Glazed Wings $12

Decent wings with garlic soy glaze, deep-fried nicely with a juicy texture


Fried Chicken French Toast $18

Spicy Honey, Fried Chicken, French Toast, Pickled Japanese Cabbage


And finally got my hands to try their food. I thought the fried chicken tasted better than the toast. The toast was somewhat a little dry and perhaps too thick. Probably good for sharing instead


Crab Linguine $20

Flower Crab Meat, Lemon Garlic Butter, Ebiko, Linguine


I would say their pasta was average. There was nothing to shout about. And I felt like if you just have the pasta itself (without any add-ons), it’s not a very satisfying meal


They serve pretty good cakes. When we were there, they had the lychee and chocolate mousse and both were equally delicious. It wasn’t too creamy nor sweet and the texture was light and airy

I thought their drinks and sides were good. In fact, better than the mains I had. So if you happen to be in the area, do drop by for a coffee break or two

September Coffee

258 South Bridge Road


Singapore 058807

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