Small Tables – Serving Ipoh-Style Dishes at Pacific Plaza by Private Dining Chef

When I heard private dining chef Sandra Sim of ladybossdiningclub has a new venture in town, I jio-ed the friend and the husband (whose hometown is in Ipoh) to try the new cafe serving Ipoh delights. The place was surprisingly empty when we were there, and that’s quite unexpected given it was a Friday evening. Nevertheless we went in with no expectations cos I was told not to have too high expectations. Ha. We ordered some of their signatures, and the food actually came out pretty fast


Friend’s first reaction was – Wah! Why nobody one. lol


Ipoh White Coffee $7.50
We contemplated over this coffee cos it was late at night and a little worried we won’t be able to sleep. But we decided to share one cup in the end. The coffee was actually pretty decent. It was thick, fragrant and smooth. Though the friends said this tasted pretty similar to the coffee downstairs at their coffee shop. Wah, thanks. Lol

The little fish snack with custard was a good snack too, if you are here for tea break instead


Cuttlefish & Water Spinach $12
This was actually not bad. It’s a simple dish with cuttlefish and spinach but what made it delicious was actually the sauce. And you would help yourself to another bite of it


Pork Belly Satay $16


I actually did enjoy the satay. Grilled just right, juicy and a little oily cos of the pork belly. If you are a fan of pork belly, you would probably like this dish


Dace Fish Toast $16
Dace Fish Paste & Prawn on Toast
Very. Oily. Like you can feel the oil in your mouth so much that that’s the only thing you taste. I think if this dish were to debut in the US, they can join the rank of being too much (salt/sugar/oil etc). keke


Whole Fish Otah $28
Whole Yellow Croaker stuffed w Otah and baked in Banana Leaf

A pretty interesting dish with the bones removed, the otah was sandwiched in between the fish meat. The dish as a whole was pretty decent, though $28 for otah is a bit pricey. Think of it as you are paying for the fish, probably the price point will make more sense


Ipoh Curry Mee $20
With Poached Chicken, Char Siu, Siu Yoke, Braised Pig Ears, Pig Skin, Poached Prawns, Bean Sprouts, Mint Leaves


And now for the highlight

How can one not have their signature dish? We went for the dry version and the friend’s first reaction was – why is the dry version like this? I have no idea my friend. Lol


It’s a big bowl, definitely recommended for sharing instead. And there was a generous portion of ingredients. The curry had some kick too, and when you mixed everything together, it was pretty delicious. Asking the Ipoh boy, he said it’s 似模似样 which meant the taste was rather similar but not authentic enough

I thought the food was okay overall, and probably would attract the tourist more in the area. Cos for many who had been to Ipoh or from Ipoh, they might feel this was just missing the mark a little. And considering the price point, also less inclined to dine here. But I felt it’s still a good experience overall. And maybe if you want a coffee break in the area, you can choose to come here instead

Small Tables

9 Scotts Road, #01-09/10/11/12

Pacific Plaza

Singapore 228210

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