Tanoke – Serving Sake Brunch Buffet on Sundays

The friend wanted to go for brunch at Tanoke but this place ain’t your usual brunch place. It serves Japanese fare and we opted for the sake buffet which costs $48 per pax (without the food). Located at Purvis street, this place is pretty new as we found out they were just opened about a month ago. It was rather peaceful when we went. Maybe cos people don’t usually drink sake at 11.30am 😀



They also have a variety of sake which you can buy home. Unfortunately the sake buffet only restricts you to Hitotoki Sparkling Sake & Bijofu Junmai Ginjo. Well you can also opt for Asahi ‘Super Dry’, soft drinks and fruit juices if you are not a fan of sake


The Hitotoki sparkling sake

We thought both the sparkling and the Junmai Ginjo was good and the portion was generous. The glasses were refilled so fast too


Karaage & Pancakes $28

Japanese Pancakes, Tori Karaage, Yuzu Maple Syrup, Berries & Hand-Whipped Cream


We started with the pancakes. We love the soft fluffy texture of the pancakes and the nicely done karaage topped with shiso pepper. It was somewhat different that made you feel like you are not just eating a boring piece of fried chicken


Wagyu Sliders & Gobo Age $30

2 Sliders, Red Cheddar, Momotaro, Pickles, Brioche, Sweet Karashi Mayo, Gobo Age

This was my favourite. Everything on the plate tasted delicious. From the buttered brioche to the amazing wagyu and the addictive gobo age. This was worth the calories


Boneless Chicken Thigh Katsu $24

Toasted Milk Bread, Wasabi Cream Cheese, Dashimaki Omelette, Sautéed Mushrooms


I thought the sando was decent but cos the first 2 dishes were so good, this paled in comparison. But we liked the mushrooms and omelette so much we ordered a second portion of them


The sautéed mushrooms that came with the sando


Char-Grilled Asparagus $12

Tasted like asparagus. Order if you want some greens to go along


Kinoko Mushrooms $10 (front) Ao Nori Omelette $6 (back)

The mushrooms were cooked with butter and sake. It was flavourful and just a good side dish to go along. The omelette looked ordinary but you will help yourself to a second piece


Matcha Panna Cotta $12

We were overjoyed cos we had wanted to order this panna cotta and they gave it to us on the house. We love the strong matcha-infused panna cotta that had the right balance of flavours without being too sweet. It was a nice and sweet end to our meal

I think this place needs more exposure. The food and drinks here are delectable and it makes a good place to unwind after work or just over the weekend. Though the space isn’t big so reservations are highly recommended


7 Purvis St, Level 2, Singapore 188586

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