Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg – Affordable Wagyu Steak & Toastie at Raffles Place

The casual dining concept of Hongkong-based Syohachi Yakiniku restaurant, the restaurant prides itself in serving high quality A5 wagyu. For fans of wagyu beef, you will probably be very excited. They recently opened on the first floor of One Raffles Place and though we were there 2-3 weeks after their opening, it felt like they were still getting through teething problems. Seats were limited, and diners have to make their orders at the cashier before the server will find a seat for you. Menu was straightforward, for when we were there, there were only 2 items on the menu



Syohachi Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburg Steak Set $16.50

Served with mixed green salad, steamed rice with Syohachi’s signature beef gravy


The food took some time to come and the presentation looked underwhelming. It wasn’t attractive in anyway (okay I admit my photo skills are really amateurish as well lol). Taste-wise, the Hamburg steak was not bad but wasn’t very impressive. If you were eating this with your eyes closed, you might have mistaken it for minced meat (that coming from the friend)


But I have to say, the rice with the gravy was delicious, just perhaps might be too small a portion for some. Perhaps they can have an option of UPSIZE #justsaying


Japanese Egg Omelette and Cheddar Cheese Toastie Set $9.50

Served with mixed green salad, pickles and crispy tots


The toastie took a long time to come, much longer than the steak. Perhaps a longer preparation time was needed to cook it. That being said, we thought the toastie was quite good though it’s probably something you wanna eat for breakfast and not lunch. The friend was very shocked there was no meat and I was like yeah, I even added extra ham else we really just be eating egg sandwich. Lol

Thankfully we didn’t expect much else we would be even more disappointed. To be honest it wasn’t like they opened the day before so I hope they get through all the teething issues. They probably need to work on a lot more things, like the menu and the time (it’s lunch time in CBD!) For some, they probably won’t mind returning for the price they are paying. For others, let’s just say there are a lot more lunch options in CBD

Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg

1 Raffles Place, #01-01

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall

Singapore 048616

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