Antidote Juice – Does Juicing Really Help?

I’m still trying to get used to the new WordPress editor which I really hate it when WordPress comes up with a new format. Cos every time I got used to the old editor, they have to come up with a new one and I need to figure it out all over again. Seriously! Did people feedback and tell you to come up with a new format every time?! Organizations loveeee to implement changes but changes might not necessarily be for the better you know. And one important thing is human nature really hates changes.

Okay enough of the rant and let me get back to what this post is all about. Well I guess people have been putting on a weight or two ever since CB started so some people have been telling me I have put on weight and even my mum has been harping I am fat to the point I decided okay, lets give juicing a try. After googling I chose the 3-Day Skinny Cleanse pack from Antidode cos this is my first time juicing and I didn’t want to be too ambitious to go for the 5-Day and I thought the juices from Antidote looks interesting enough

Schedule the delivery a day before your intended start date and the juices arrive in 3 bags like this. Each bag contains 6 juices meant for the entire day and it comes with some ice packs in it

The bottles are also labelled for easy identification so you know which bottle to go next

Each bottle also states the ingredients that go into them so you know what you are drinking. Even though you might not like some of them (like I absolutely hate celery) but bo bian, just have to suck it up and drink. lol

My Day 1 Juice Pack!

I usually start the first juice at 8am and even though the instructions mention you finish each bottle every 2-3 hours, I really struggle to finish one bottle even in 3 hours. Sometimes I look at the time and I’m like crap, it’s 3 hours and I’m not even done! lol. It’s not that the juices are bad, it’s just that I usually drink very little water. Like I can just drink less than 500ml of water per day. This juicing I have to finish 3000ml per day!! That’s a challenge

Sweet Greens: It actually doesn’t taste that bad. I thought it would taste celery-disgusting but the red apples made it pretty bearable

Green Electrolytes: Surprisingly, I like this. The mint was really refreshing

Spicy Tonic: By the time I finish this, I was honestly full. I don’t know how people can finish one drink in 2 hours

Immunity Tonic: I barely managed to finish half of this cos by the time I was done with barre, I still had the last bottle to go

Matcha Nut Mylk: This was something I look forward to cos it sounds damn yummy. Like matcha and nut and milk right? But I don’t think it tastes much like matcha but more like thicker version of soyabean. lol. In any case, it was actually quite nice to drink

Day 2 Juice Pack!

Sweet Greens: Was same as previous day

Earthly Garden: The combination of this actually sounds weird but it doesn’t taste that bad. The pineapple was pretty strong

Sweet Earth: Thought this tasted pretty exotic cos of the strong taste of celery

And then I smelled my neighbour frying fish. NOOOOO

Deep Earth: I brought this along with me to Kkardio exercise and I’m glad I did. Cos it gave me some form of energy throughout the class

Chaga Espresso Nut Mylk: I absolutely love this! It tasted exactly like coffee with milk. I think my love for coffee is so strong I gulped this entire bottle down. lol They should make this bottle 1 to start with every morning

Day 3 Juice Pack! Last Day, Lets go!

Sweet Greens: Well the same one again

Refreshing Greens: Awww, so sour! This has so much acidity in it!

Red Elixir: For some reasons, I felt like the drinks today were much more acidic. It felt like the juices today were prepared to get you into eating solid food the next day

Summer Breeze: The name actually sounded nice, but it tasted not as nice. lol. You thought the combination would turn out nice too. But after awhile, I felt like all the drinks tasted similar to me

Blue Maca Mylk: This one tasted strange, very very strange. I have to say this was an acquired taste. Thankfully by then it was the last bottle and I think I only had a few gulps and threw the rest away

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry at any point of time during the first 2 days. Cos I was constantly full by the liquids. The only exception was the last day cos the drinks tasted so acidic I felt like I need to keep drinking them to keep myself full. But I was counting down to the day I could have my coffee again

So at the end of the journey, I lost… 200g! I’m serious

Even though I shed 1cm at my waist and thigh, there was no change to my hips measurement. I don’t think this juicing was supposed to show an immediate weight loss effect but days after I finished my juicing routine, I found myself eating lesser, getting full easier and my stomach felt flatter. So one week later, I’m down 1kg (this was with my current routine of barre, kkd and dance weekly). If you are expecting 3-5kg immediate loss, well, might be a little tough, and of course differs from people to people

Would I try this again? I think I would. Maybe twice yearly? Or when I feel like doing it. ha afterall it’s not that cheap. The 3-Day Juice pack goes at $289 inclusive of free delivery

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