Yamato Izakaya – Making Reservations for Man Man Unagi

Located at Oxley Bizhub, Yamato Izakaya is a short walk from the nearest Tai Seng MRT. This place houses the famed Man Man Unagi, Ramen Hitoyoshi and Tora Tora under one roof. And yes, reservations are allowed here. Cheers to no more long queue while waiting to have a bowl of freshly grilled unagi. Yamato Izakaya has been operational for some time, but there’s still quite a crowd at this industrial park with quite a number of tables being reserved. You can order from any of the concept restaurant since they shared the same menu but I guess many would still be here for the unagi



Eihire (Stingray Fin) $6

I was excited to see stingray fin but it’s quite puzzling the only form of alcohol they serve here is beer. Even the patron next to our table commented ‘How can a Japanese restaurant not serve sake??’ Well, maybe they are not a Japanese restaurant afterall :/


Fried Ika $6

The fried squid was nothing memorable, but still a good appetiser to go with alcohol

Snapseed 2

Boat Salmon Sashimi $35

The sashimi was quite disappointing. The aburi salmon taste rather hard, perhaps too aburi-ed. The fresh salmon on the other hand.. was nothing to rave about either


Tonkotsu with All Topping $14.90


The ramen was quite delightful and surprising. Love the deep rich pork bone stock and the well-cooked noodles along the slightly grilled char siu. Topped with the sweet corn to give your ramen extra flavour


Unagi & Lobster Set $48.80


Ordered the unagi special that came with grilled lobster. The lobster was nicely grilled and had a nice aroma. The meat was sweet and succulent as well


Medium $28.40

Thought one unagi is probably not enough so I had the medium bowl as well. Hmm, even though the unagi was good, I felt like it wasn’t as magical anymore. Not sure if it’s because of the difference in standard in different outlets but somehow I wasn’t blown away


Personally, skip the appetisers. I probably will return if only people did not want to spend time queuing for the Keong Saik’s outlet. Otherwise in terms of quality, the unagi here is passable but nothing fantastic

Yamato Izakaya

65 Ubi Road 1, #01-92

Oxley Bizhub, S(408729)

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