Little Four Seasons – When Having Roast Duck is a Must in London

Almost everyone I know said I have to try Four Seasons in London, well for their duck of course. It is probably the second most recommended place after Dinner by Heston. And I’m like isn’t there one in Singapore? But they have all said it tasted different in London so I managed to squeeze it in for dinner on one of the days. A look at their webpage told us they have opened a new sister restaurant by the name of Little Four Seasons with a variation of new dishes but still keeping their signature duck on their menu. So off we go to Chinatown to join the long queue made up of mainly Asians. Thankfully, we decided to have an early dinner at 5.30pm cos the queue when we left was even longer


First thing you realise is Four Seasons and Little Four Seasons are next to each other on the same street, and on another street away stood another Four Seasons. The queue for Four Seasons moves much faster so if you have no preference to the menu and just wanted to try the duck, I suggest going for the shorter one. But since we had set our minds, we decided to just join the queue and wait. The place is pretty small even though they have an upper level. And in addition to the menu serving dishes, they have a separate menu for hotpot so if you are craving for steamboat, you know where to head to


Four Season’s Roast Duck £14.40 (half)

The food came out in less than 5 minutes. We were very impressed, like as if there was an express kitchen with 10 stoves that can cook everything in minute. The duck, was amazing. The skin was crisp, sweet, a little charred and drenched in the oiliness of the sauce. And the meat, very tender with a thin layer of fats


Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice £9.80

The fried rice was pretty delicious too. Possibly of the many meals we had before this, a change of Chinese cuisine proved much welcoming


Seasonal Greens with Dried Scallop Broth £10.80


Pork Stomach and Chicken served in Hotpot £19.80 (half)


This place is pretty known for their hotpot dishes. We thought the pig stomach soup would make a good choice on a cold day. But the broth was too milky in taste and the pig stomach was hard to chew on. The chicken was pretty tough and boney as well

It was a very satisfying meal and to have some Chinese food for a change certainly brings your craving back on track. I would say this place is worth a visit for the duck, and the fried rice as well

Little Four Seasons

11 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PP


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