Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant – Unagi Specialty by Teppei

Wells, Man Man isn’t new but cos this place by Teppei is so famous for their long queue I figured I will visit when the hype dies and thus I finally got a chance to visit on a weekday lunch. The restaurant opens at 11.30am for lunch and when I reached at 11.15am, there was already a queue there. Seriously, what time does these people start queuing?! Be informed they will only sit you when your full party is present, so go there earlier to chope also no use lah. I was glad to be part of the first batch into the restaurant since it started to rain. I was even happier to be sitting at the counter seats where you can watch the live action of the chefs preparing your unagi. Honestly, I think the show can go both way. Either you grimace at the fact the unagi is prepared live before it is ready for your consumption or you remain fascinated at whatever that is going on and still stomach the poor eel


Skewers and skewers of unagi being prepared


With much precision, the eel is sliced without much struggle (I hope)


I can imagine how hot the chefs must be feeling in there


Grill eels grill!


Hitsumabushi $26.80

Ordered the hitsumabushi so I can delightfully taste how the unagi goes with the different toppings and dashi stock


After much anticipation, I’m glad to say this bowl of unagi did not disappoint. The perfectly grilled unagi with a slightly burnt and sweet aftertaste was enjoyable. You can’t resist but help yourself to another portion. Now I know why they offered this unagi don in a larger portion. The pearly white and sweet rice was cooked perfectly, especially so when the sauce of the unagi lingers on it


Toppings for the set

Having a Hitsumabushi set means you can enjoy your unagi in different ways. Firstly, try the unagi and the rice itself. Secondly, try it with the seaweed, spring onions and wasabi. You can also try adding with the sauce provided. Thirdly, eat it with the dashi stock




Eating the unagi in different ways bring about a certain element of surprise at each point. I personally love the dashi stock. It felt like having a comforting meal on a rainy day


Umaki $12.80

The tamago tasted slightly underwhelming. The egg was fluffy, juicy but could be sweeter. The taste was light, so light that I wasn’t really impressed


Their specialty being the unagi didn’t go wrong. To me, I think this place is worth the wait. This is a small place which explains the really crazy queue. My advice will be to bring an umbrella, a fully charged phone and a little patience, before you will finally greet that unagi don and say hello

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, S(089109)

*This restaurant has been awarded The 2017 Michelin Bib Gourmand Award

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