tbsp. – Brunch at Perth with an Asian Twist

With so many cafes to choose from and so little time spent there, it was a rather difficult to pick which cafe to visit. Located just 10 minutes away from our accommodation, we made a trip down to Bayswater to try out tbsp, a rather highly rated cafe in Perth.  The cafe was packed when we visited on a weekend, though I’m pretty glad we didn’t have to wait long. The cafe is small and compact, but food comes out pretty fast so the turnover will be pretty quick provided diners don’t linger there





Flat White

We love the coffee here, and were glad we finally found a decent coffee place. It had a robust flavour to it finished with a smooth velvety sweet aftertaste

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Zucchini & Corn Fritters with Slab Bacon, Fried Egg, Mayo, Okonomi Sauce & Bonito Flakes $19.50

Probably the dish that surprised us the most, we love this okonomiyaki inspired dish. It was same yet different with the addition of the zucchini and corn to give it a healthy taste. The bacon was crisp and juicy and you can feel the flavours of the pork when you bite into them. Topped with fried egg and bonito flakes to give it a balance of texture and flavours, it would probably be something I would love to have again


gfo Brisket Benedict $24

Pulled Beef, Roasted Onions, Ciabatta, Slow Cooked Eggs & Hollandaise


Oh, the slow cooked beef was flavourful and perfect with the runny yolk. It’s also one of the table’s favourite dishes


gfo Kale Scrambled Egg with Buffalo Persian Feta & Toasted Ciabatta $16

The scrambled eggs tasted very normal. I didn’t quite like the cheese but the toasted ciabatta was pretty decent


Sweet French Toast $17.50

Brioche, Whipped Honey Butter & Cereal Crunch

The french toast tasted kind of weird. I think they could probably use more eggs to give a sweeter taste. It’s probably a very instagrammable dish but I think that’s that

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Overall, we were rather pleased with the selection of food and drinks here. Not quite sure if the reason was the food is Asian inspired and thus it fits well with our palate, but I would recommend you to give this place a try


10 King William Street,

Bayswater WA 6053, Australia

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