Firebake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

I hardly venture to East Coast area mainly cos it is quite inconvenient for me to make a trip down. But the friend wanted to try Firebake, which also marked the last of my 1-month birthday series (yay!), so I agreed to try it out. This small restaurant doesn’t feel like anything in Singapore, or rather you feel like you are transported somewhere overseas in a rustic, countryside setting, well almost. The place is not air conditioned but that doesn’t stop diners from coming. When we visited, many were turned away due to no reservations. We were seated at the counter which was an entertaining place to watch the chefs at work given it was an open kitchen concept and every minute you can hear the orders being given and chased


Anchovy Dip, The Field $8

Famous for their fire baked bread, we got The Field with anchovy dip. I enjoyed the sourdough bread mainly cos it wasn’t too sour and the anchovy dip was lovely. The combination between the acidity of the bread and saltiness of the dip was well balanced. The dip was so delicious I felt like I can just eat the bread all night long


We got a bottle of their house red to go along. The merlot was light and easy to drink and was very reasonably priced


Grilled Pork Belly, Garden Vegetable Broth $22

Beautifully grilled pork belly with a soft texture and a crispy skin on a sweet and light broth


Australian Prawn Capelli Aglio Olio, Sakura Ebi $19


The capellini was cooked al dente and seasoned well. You can taste the fragrance of ebi, finished with a light and oily texture. Prawns were sourced from Australia. They were succulent and sweet


Firebake Bread & Butter Pudding $10

Slightly burnt yet you can still taste the sourness of the bread, seasoned with a little cinnamon. The pudding was quite enjoyable and it wasn’t too sweet

Firebake serves some pretty sincere food and drinks with a well rounded concept. Helmed by a pretty young crew, it shows potential to be one to watch out for. It is definitely worth checking out


237 East Coast Road, Singapore 428930

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