Wheeler’s Estate – Such A Pretty Place By Wheeler’s Yard

Went back to Seletar Aerospace park for the second time, this time to try the latest opening by Wheeler’s Yard. The restaurant was booked, and carpark full so if you were thinking of trying your luck by walking in, you may be told to come back in an hour’s time. Though I honestly think you would be better off trying somewhere else. You can easily recognise Wheeler’s Estate from its many iconic landmarks, so even though the exterior of the colonial bungalows may all look the same, you will definitely spot the restaurant



The place has an alfresco dining area on the first level and we were led to the second floor

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Which was a beautiful and white dining area, with high ceilings and a bright bar. Such an instagrammable place


Tried this Japanese yuzu craft beer which was pretty decent


Crisp Squid $20

Was scrolling through their instagram and was lured by a very visually appealing crispy squid. I thought the texture was okay but it lacked seasoning. I couldn’t taste much of their Brazilian spice and wished for more of their passion coulis. No wonder the staffs asked if we needed ketchup to go along with the squid


Linguine Sorrento $23

Prawns and Crab with Garlic, Chilli & Parsley

The linguine was flat, unappealing and underwhelming


Chicken Parmigiana $32

Parmesan Crumbled Chicken Schnitzel topped with Ham, Napoli Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese

I thought this dish fared the best out of all the savoury ones. I like the melted Parmesan with the fried chicken which gave a burst of flavours. Though I would have prefer a more juicy and succulent chicken. Halfway through the meal, the friend was asking us why the bread tasted so hard. It turned out she mistook the chicken for the bread. Seriously, don’t know whether to laugh or to cry =X


The Fish & Chips Shop $28

Beer Battered Fillet with Chips, Salad, Salt & Vinegar, Pickled Onions and Lemon Gribiche

A supposed house favourite. The fish and chips took some time to come. The batter was decent but the fish meat broke at every poke. It was so difficult to handle it at some point it became frustrating. And having mushy and under seasoned fish meat is probably the last thing on my mind. I would prefer if they had the tartar sauce at the side


Daily Desserts $15


The daily dessert came in the form of cheesecake, which was actually pretty good. Not too dense on flavour, it was light and went well with the raspberries and chocolate


Chocolate Ganache Tart $15

Dressed with Brown Ale and Chocolate Sorbet

Not very sure which part of this looked like sorbet, but I like the consistency of the chocolate in the tart. The pastry was nicely done as well


Not sure if it’s opening jitters, but somehow the quality of the food just doesn’t match up to its aesthetics. Though by and large we did end the meal on a high note, not that it was fantastic to start with. Food aside, the service was appalling. Our request seems to go in through one ear and come out through the other. We had to call the bill 3 times before it finally came. I was telling the friend if I had to ask for the 4th time, I am going to flip the table. For the money you spend in there, I would have expected much more. Such a pity, really

Wheeler’s Estate

2 Park Lane  S(798386)

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