The Coffee Academics – You Won’t Need To Go Hong Kong Now

With The Coffee Academics calling Scotts Square their permanent home now, we decided to go down to give it a try. I had been to TCA in Hong Kong and was left fairly disappointed so I was hoping the Singapore’s outlet might fare better


Went early for brunch and was lucky to meet with no crowd





Hand brew bar


The bartender who was showcasing the Chemex brewing method. Actually he was brewing my coffee and since I was just sitting next to him, I conveniently took a photo of him. ha


Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate $14

I was contemplating whether to be boring and be adventurous. So the friend egged me on to try their hand brew coffee. Just cos the Blue Mountain has a description that went something like tea-like aroma, tastes of berry and chocolate with a clean finish and I thought it sounds the most captivating. And I took their recommendation of choosing the Chemex brewing for a clean, full-bodied flavour with low in bitterness level. Even though the price is a little steep for coffee, but I think it’s worth it. It is for the first time I really enjoyed hand brew coffee. The taste of the coffee was just a touch of acidic with sweet notes and a very clean finish. If you close your eyes, you probably can’t tell you are drinking black coffee. I honestly enjoyed every sip of it


Babyccino $6

A non-caffeinated cappuccino topped with marshmallow and chocolate powder, which is actually just steamed milk and marshmallows


Academics Breakfast $25

Hand pulled pork belly bacon, cumberland sausage, baked beans, toast & eggs


The toast was really good and the eggs creamy and milky. The beans were rich with tomatoes flavours which I thought was a pretty decent bowl of simple baked beans


Academic Pancake Tower $19

with berry sorbet and whipped cream

I think the pancakes were a surprise. One might thought such thick pancakes might seem like a challenge to cook but they nailed it perfectly. They were thick, fluffy and thoroughly cooked. Alongside a creamy whipped cream and maple syrup or a little citrusy berry sorbet, it was satisfying

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I am glad The Coffee Academics won me in every way, and even happier I can erase the bad memories about the Hong Kong’s outlet. It is also cheaper for a flat white here as compared to the Hong Kong’s store. TCA has a good range of coffee to choose from, with the usual latte to hand brew and even special espresso-based coffee like latte with Okinawa dark brown sugar or raw agave nectar and black pepper. You are definitely spoilt for choices here and also makes a good motivation to go back again

The Coffee Academics

6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square

Level 2, S(228209)

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