Collaboration Tea – Tea with Inspirational Quotes

Local tea company Collaboration Tea is a startup between 2 friends who have a vision and mission to bring words of inspiration in a cup to people all around the world. Using only premium loose tea leaves, each blend is carefully sourced and blended to ensure you are able to enjoy the full flavour in a cup with more than one steep.


With more than one blend to choose from, you are definitely spoilt for choices

I have personally tried some of the blends myself; Oolong Blossoms, Lavish Earl Grey, Dessert of Roses and In Love with Peach and I love how flavourful each tea is. For more information on the products, please visit


Oolong Blossoms

These tea bags in convenient small-sized poches made it perfect to bring overseas with you

I like how each tea bag also comes with a random inspirational quote, much like a fortune cookie and as you savour the tea with your favourite snack, you also enjoy the thought that each quote brings.


Each tea bag comes with an inspirational quote

And for the first time ever, Collaboration Tea is launching their Lunar New Year poches featuring two blends – Pu Er and Oolong. You know how difficult it is sometimes to find these two blends in convenient tea bag forms or you just want to purchase a small quantity of tea to serve to your party. But with the launch of these two blends now, you can easily serve it to your family and friends without hassle during Chinese New Year alongside your favourite bak kwa and pineapple tarts!


Gift ideas for your family and friends – Featuring Oolong and Pu Erh


Pu Erh Tea – Improve mental alertness and reduce high cholesterol


Oolong Tea – Prevent tooth decay and heart diseases

These two blends are great for washing down the oily Chinese New Year goodies and a perfect complement for reunion dinners, when you over-ate and you need a cup of tea to aid in digestion

Available from 2 options: Small poche – 3 sachets @ $4.80 / Large poche – 12 sachets @ $15.80. For more information on how to place an order, please visit

This post is brought to you by Collaboration Tea.



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