Cafe Yeon – The Best Chocolate Mug Cake Ever

Cafe Yeon was not part of my itinerary, just cos the original plan was to visit Woodside Coffee as recommended by a friend. I tried searching for Woodside along the streets of Samcheongdong by walking up and down, and up and down again but somehow I just couldn’t find it, even with the help of Google map. So I gave up, and decided to venture into a random cafe instead. I chose Cafe Yeon for its beautiful architecture and was not really sure what to expect as I just came over from a heavy lunch



And so I pluck up my courage and took a leap of faith into that door


Acai & Goji Berry ₩8,500

Ordered a pot of tea just so I could take some photos for my friend’s tea business #truefriends #gowherefind


I chose this tea cos of its name, and it sounded healthy enough. I honestly had enough of coffee and tea latte and I thought a healthy tea is good for a change. The tea has a very refreshing taste. It is a little acidic, yet fruity at the same time with a sweet aftertaste


Chocolate Mug Cake ₩5,000

I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I ordered


Look at this. So gao!

This chocolate mug cake is one of the best I’ve tried. The chocolate is rich, smooth and melts in your mouth with that extra drizzle of chocolate sauce. What I enjoy most is the dessert has the right amount of sweetness and it really tasted absolutely delicious. Though finishing this entire cup might also kill your throat as well


What I didn’t expect was a random cafe hopping turns out to be one of the best experience ever with such simple tea and dessert. I enjoy samcheongdong for its calm and relaxed atmosphere where you can spend time here, chilling with your favourite book and music. If you happen to be in the area, do consider dropping by Cafe Yeon for its quaintness and uniqueness of this cafe

Address: 63-20, Samcheong-dong, Jongno-guSeoul, South Korea

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