Seoul – A Trip to Phoenix Park Resort and Everland

We left Myeongdong and took an overnight trip to Phoenix Park Ski Resort in Pyeongchang area. We sourced our shuttle bus from Phoenix Park website where you can choose to pick up/drop off from Seoul or Hongik University station. For those who are interested to make a direct booking, you can click here. We didn’t want to bring our entire luggage back and forth and so we decided to keep them in the automated lockers in Hongik University station and collect them when we returned


These lockers are very common in train stations. Even though reviews from the past has mentioned many had problems with the lockers as the instructions are only given in Korean, you will be glad to know, there is an English option now 🙂


Rate is dependent on the size of locker chosen and we took the largest at ₩4,000 every 12 hours


Breakfast; kimbap and coffee from 7-11 since there was time constraint. The coffee was surprisingly not bad

Pick up was at Hana Tours office near Hongik University station and we were surprised that we were driven in a private car (and it’s just us!). The trip took about 3 hours with smooth traffic and we stopped at a highway rest-stop along the way before dropping at one of the ski rental shops to get our ski attire and gloves


On a side note, the lady who picked us up was an authorised tour guide. So for anyone who wants a personal guide in Seoul or nearby cities, you can call/email her to check rates. She charged about SGD200-300 for 9 hours for Seoul


Entertaining myself on the way


This reminds me one of those Running Man episodes where they have to play games at a highway rest-stop


Their foodcourt


We reached Phoenix Park at about 1230pm and this is the view from our condo! Okay, I know not much view since we are facing the front and not the ski mountains


Anyway, here’s peektures of the condo







It’s apartment-style complete with mini kitchen and traditional bedding (aka you sleep on the floor), but the comforters make it very comfortable to sleep on


Central Plaza, where most F&B and retail shops are located

One bad thing of going ski resort during off-peak season is you have limited options to dine at, and if you miss the lunch hour, it makes things even worse. After walking back forth between the central plaza and the hotel, we were down to Domino’s Pizza and BBQ chicken which we have very little interest in


So this calls for an all-out unhealthy lunch, complete with ramen, chips and icecream from the convenience store

Decided to check out the resort and we bought tickets to take the Gondola up to the mountain


You buy your tickets here for anything – Gondola, ski lift, equipment rental, etc


Gondola ₩9,000 per pax



Whee! Snow!


And pretty sights up on top




It is surprisingly not that cold up there, as compared in Seoul


Coming back down


Look who we found at the bottom of the mountain



And we were faced with the same situation when dinner comes. And cos the picky me refused to have another serving of instant ramen, we bought ingredients from the convenience store and brought them back to the apartment to cook. For once, I’m glad there were ingredients at the convenience store and we were staying in an apartment


Making something out of nothing



With spring onion, mushrooms, tofu, dumplings and luncheon meat


Complete with kimchi and hard boiled eggs

Not bad right, when you are faced with such little resources and to make a meal for 3


So we decided to hit the snow after dinner since the lil cousin couldn’t wait. And she wanted to play the sleigh which to our horror, the resort has sold out for that and the above shop apparently is the only shop in the resort that sells that. So in the end we wandered across the street and found a shop that rents it for ₩5,000 for 12 hours



And I decided to give it a try as well. Psst, it was really fun, though I’m a little too old for that. ha

So I retired for the night. Next morning, we decided to rent the ski boots for the cousin so that she can play without constraints


Lockers on the left



Rental on the right. You have to give them some form of identification to assure them you won’t run away with the (heavy) equipment. And apparently we found out, locker keys will do


So you measure your feet size before writing it down the paper given


And the joke came when we realised we cannot just rent the boots, they gave us the full set of ski equipment instead



Breakfast was Issac Toast again, just cos they could try


Not much English menu here, just point and order


Chicken ₩3,000

And so, I decided to get something different. But my opinion still remains. Try if you must, but it is not a must to try


So while the cousin was having fun with her sleigh, I decided to pretend I’m skiing, or trying to ski


Look the part right?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Well when you don’t really know how to ski, you just pretend you know how to ski 😉

So we spent the next part of the day up in the mountain building snowman


Building the base


Taking shape






And soon it was lunch (headache) again. And I decided to have churros after smelling the fragrance of the cooked dough in the resort (they have like more than 1 churro stall) so I picked a random one


Devil Choco and Original ₩5,000


And it’s sooo good! Like this is even better than Everland. The chocolate has the right consistency, sweetness and thickness and evenly spread through the dough


Dusted with cinnamon and sugar, deep fried to perfection with the inside dry and hollow

Honestly, sometimes random churros are the best

So it is a short stay at the ski resort. Even though I didn’t really try to ski, but it was still fun watching people ski and snowboard and you definitely need more than 1 day to get the hang of skiing

Address: 174 Taegi-ro, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea


The shuttle bus came to pick us up at 3pm at the hotel lobby and this time round, it’s a proper bus. I spent most of the time sleeping and by the time we reached Hongdae, it was close to 7pm. Picked up our luggages and dragged them back to our guesthouse in Hongdae, which was 7 minutes walk away


We were so famished we ordered Kyochon Fried Chicken to be delivered to our doorsteps!


Original and Honey, complete with beer and radish ₩31,000

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Looks so delicious


I preferred the original to honey as the former tastes a mixture of sweet and salty. Well, honestly, they tasted like fried chicken lah but the portion was huge. It was more than enough to feed 4 pax. It would be ideal if they have come in smaller portion, and we could order more flavours to try. There’s an outlet in Hongdae area so here goes

Address: 362-15, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-guSeoul, South Korea


Introducing our guesthouse in Hongdae, Seoul Sweet Style Guesthouse. I like the location of the guesthouse being we were at the quieter part of Hongdae, yet still surrounded by plenty of cafes. Like honestly, no matter which route we take to walk to the subway, there is always one cafe you feel like trying each day, even without the need to google for one. Even though it’s a 7 minutes leisure walk away, sometimes you feel so cold under the weather you might reach the guesthouse in under 5 minutes


The common area where breakfast is served. I didn’t have their breakfast cos there wasn’t time for one to try. And anyway, the breakfast spread wasn’t great to start with


In Christmas spirit


Those who are watching recent K-dramas will immediately know who is this! It’s ‘You Bastard’ from Oh My Venus!


Second Floor Common Area




Their bath towels are those hand-towels size. So if you prefer a bigger towel, bring your own


And our room

One complain I have is they only have one mirror and it is located inside the bathroom. So it is very inconvenient


A mini booklet of complimentary food vouchers


And complimentary face masks from the guesthouse

The owner of this guesthouse is Korean but mainly run by these girls from Taiwan and Hongkong so they pretty much converse in chinese. I think the guesthouse is generally okay but they do have lots of rules to adhere to

Address: 15 World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Next morning was a outskirt trip to Everland, which began a painful 2 hours journey. Seriously, commuting has never been so tiring. We left early in the morning and bumped into rush hour madness. Honestly, people who always complain about Singapore rush hour is bad, Korea’s rush hour is a whole new level =/ You really should give it a try. We took subway all the way and had to change at many stations to take us to Yongin Everland station


And then you take a free shuttle bus to take you to Everland. There is a recorded operator on board who will inform you of the park’s and shuttle bus’s operating hours that day


But we still feel excited about coming


Going to the foreigner’s ticketing booth where I had printed the discount voucher online to get our discounted ticket


Adult ticket ₩34,000


Pretty Christmas deco!


And of course our first stop is to get the express ticket for T-express. Looking at this makes me so excited already


The booth is just located outside T-express. The time there tells you the waiting time right now for the ride, which in my opinion is pretty short


And the ticket looks like this. It tells you the time to come back for the ride. Show it to the attendant and he will lead you to a separate queue. So we proceeded to take on other rides and by the time we went back, it was really express we just whizzed past the entire queue to first in line


So freaking awesome. I can do this all over again

It was a gloomy and cloudy day at Everland with slight rain so we decided to take shelter with lunch at Magic Time restaurant, near T-express


Curry Don with Chicken Chop ₩12,300

The chicken chop was pretty delicious. The outer layer was deep fried to a beautiful golden brown and the meat was juicy and tender


Curry Don with Pork Chop ₩12,300

The pork chop on the other hand wasn’t as good. I recommend the chicken chop anytime


The set comes with a complimentary soup which tasted not too bad

And cos we needed to digest our food before we could take any more rides, it was a trip to Zootopia where we paid a visit to all the animals





The bear is ugily cute




It was then I realised I cannot take spinning rides, major motion sickness seriously


So I’m down to Merry-Go-Round. Whee!


Walked to the other side of the park to meet with more pretty Christmas decorations





Dinner was settled with churros and fries



Choco Churro ₩3,800

It didn’t taste half as good at Phoenix Park and it is more expensive. The chocolate did not have the right consistency and the churro was a little too wet

We wanted to catch the Moonlight parade so we hid from the cold at Burger Cafe. Parade time was a little different cos.. we have never seen so little people watching a parade. It’s a far cry from Disneyland where people actually sit down to chope seats. Here, you can just leisurely walk to any spot and you can still have a great view




The characters are super cute. They dance and cheer with you




We skipped the fireworks cos the thought of a 2-hour journey back is tiring enough


And so this concludes our Everland adventure. One thing strange was they actually closed most indoor rides when it is raining. So strange, I don’t understand. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? So please check weather forecast before you go, else you’ll miss some of the attractions you want to visit

Address: 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Click here for Seoul – Myeongdong, Le Alaska Cafe, Buchon Hanok Village, Ewha’s Women’s University

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  1. Ai Leen says:

    Hi there,

    May i get some sharing on Phoenix park from your end?

    May i know if the ski lift and rental is cheaper if we buy it from there? I cant seem to get any info as Phoenix Park resort content are mainly in Korea?

    Im actually now deciding if i should buy the ski lesson/ski rental from the resort directly or get outside package from a ski tour comp that quoted me around $109 USD (include return bus, Lift+gondola, lunch and ski lesson).

    By the way, did you snowboard too? Any idea between skiing or snowboard, which is more popular?


    1. irisslove says:

      Hi Ai Leen!

      I don’t remember the prices but here’s a rough guide I found online. I think this is a pretty good gauge to start.
      I think it really depends on your preference. If you preferred convenience, maybe the tour package you found might be a good one cos it covers everything. But if you really want more time to focus on your ski experience, I think you should get it directly from the resort since ski packages from tour group are usually rushed and constraint.

      Nope, I didn’t snowboard cos I’m afraid I don’t know how to handle the equipment. Haha Well, we see more people skiing over there but there is also a good number of people snowboarding. And also the slopes are dedicated to both skiing and snowboarding. So yup!


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