Paddy Hills, An Instagram-Worthy Cafe

This place has been flooding my instragram feed lately so the friend and I decided to check it out. Located between Haw Par Villa and Pasir Pajang, this cafe isn’t the most accessible but well, people travel for food right? We were fortunate that the place wasn’t that crowded when we went in the late morning but the crowd grew by lunch time. I like how the place is tastefully decorated. The interior, somehow, reminds me of Kith

Latte $5.50

Mocha $6.50

I think the drinks are pretty normal but they had placed a lot of effort in the presentation

And the famous hotcakes

Berry Ricotta Hotcake $19

Blueberry sugar, Berries, Pine Nuts, Mascarpone & Maple Syrup

It was a beautiful plate of hotcakes that felt like food for spring

The hotcakes were not your usual pancakes but taste rather cake-like. The sides were crisp and sweet which makes it pretty addictive but the dough very much felt like eating a sponge cake. The toppings were generous, sweet and complement the ‘cake’ perfectly. But this is definitely too much for one pax

Small Breakfast $12

We decided to get the Small Breakfast instead of Big Breakfast which comes with additional bacon steak, avocado & caprese. I am very glad with our decision. The Small Breakfast might look small, but it is filling enough since we were ordering dishes to share

2 Slices of Toasted Bread, Truffle Potato Mash, Mushrooms & Sous Vide Egg

The toast were nice and crisp and the mushrooms were nicely done with earthy flavours. The mash has hint of truffle and there is a mix of texture and balance when you eat it with the sous vide egg

Truffle Fries $15 (only available from 11.30am)

Shaved Smoked Cheddar, Sage & Garlic Aioli

When the fries came, we were like uh-oh. The colour was dark, which shows it was overcooked. The taste of truffle was spread evenly but I thought it was a very normal plate of truffle fries

Do not miss the wall outside the cafe for all your ootds

Food seems pretty decent and service was okay. I read that some have met with slow service but I was glad it did not happen to us. It would be nice to try their lunch menu one day, if I happen to be in the area cos right now, this place is just a little too inaccessible for me

Paddy Hills

38 S Buona Vista Rd, S(118164)

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