Sum Yi Tai, A Chinese-style Tapas Bar

Sum Yi Tai is actually a pretty interesting place that positioned itself as a 1980s Hong Kong bar/restaurant serving Chinese style tapas food. Honestly I don’t know if the word ‘tapas’ is suitable cos I actually thought the portion was pretty generous, though I’m not complaining. So joining the likes of Den and FYR Cycene ond Drinc, Sum Yi Tai moved into Boon Tat street not long ago, giving more options to the people working nearby

We did not make any reservations cos we thought there was no need to. But we were surprised they were full when we walked in at 11.45am and so only the bar seats were available. Talking about popularity for a new place. Service was friendly and they recommended mocktails of the day (which he proudly claimed he made those drinks)

Soup of the day

Very cute that served the soup in pots and tea cups. We took a long while to figure what the soup was, but we came to no conclusion. It felt like lotus root soup but the lighter version of it. That being said, it was light, sweet and flavourful

Vermicelli w Jumbo Head King Prawn

Decided to skip the set lunch and ordered ala carte. The vermicelli with king prawns was served claypot style, with 2 huge prawns. The prawns were sweet and the vermicelli was flavourful with the fragrance of the spring onions

Sautéed Baby Pak Choy w Garlic

Didn’t really like this. Thought the garlic was overcooked

Sum Yi Tai’s signature XO Carrot Cake

Though it lacked the wok hei taste, the flavour of the XO was infused with the carrot cake. Topped off with eggs, bean sprouts and dried shrimps, this plate of carrot cake was actually pretty decent

I took a glance at the lunch sets beside me and I thought the portion looks decent. This place has plenty of meat dishes with likes of suckling pig, crispy pork, roast duck etc and it would be nice to try the rest of the dishes. It certainly feels like a nice place to chill at night with some alcohol and hearty meat dishes

Sum Yi Tai

25 Boon Tat Street S(069622)

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