489. NUDE Seafood @ MBFC Tower 3

NUDE, stands for Nutritious and Delicious serves some mean seafood dishes. Brought the friend to try cos she didn’t know the existence of the place when she worked at the next building =.= This place caters mostly for lunch since well, considering it closes at 8pm daily. I like how they have a distinct menu of hot and cold food to choose from though it ain’t many but I think it’s sufficient enough.


They use beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters, so you know it will be one good cup of coffee. And I really like the use of hardware here. It is edgy and has its own character

Aburi Salmon Belly Soba

This is one of their cold dishes when you get to drizzled the sauce (prepared in the cup) over the soba noodles. I’m not a fan of soba noodles, but I think this is really good. I like how generous they are with the portion of salmon too

Hickory Smoked Salmon w Forgotten Grains

I never knew forgotten grains till I met them. It may seem a little strange at first, and not many people will like it. But the grains complement the fish well. Even though the portion of the grains seemed comparatively small, but it’s actually pretty filling

I think this place is one to stay. Like their name suggests, their food is definitely more on the healthy side and even which, it does not compromise the quality of ingredients. I believe it will definitely hit well with the health-conscious workers that work around the area and considering my colleagues who eat them for lunch and dinner daily, yeah I really think they are pretty successful

NUDE Seafood

12 Marina Boulevard, #01-02

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, S(018982)

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