455. Rabbit Owl Depot

There are so many icecream parlours in Singapore nowadays you can slowly find one to call your favourite one. Rabbit Owl Depot is a cute and catchy name, located near National library. Decided to go there for desserts on Halloween and they sure dressed the whole place up for the event. haha sorry for the overdue post. It’s a small place, probably smaller than all the other icecream parlours, but I guess the waffles and icecream made up for it.

Rabbit Owl Depot Snow Flake Waffles w Hazelnut Praline Icecream

3 words. So. Damn. Awesome.

The waffles are light, fluffy and crispy and the icecream had a very strong hazelnut taste which was really enjoyable

The portion’s not big, so I guess one person can finish everything on their own.

For now, Rabbit Owl Depot might just be my favourite icecream place. I anticipate my next visit there to try the other flavours.

Rabbit Owl Depot

420 North Bridge Road S(188727)

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