Memories taken from my trusty iphone 😉

So my hunt for chirashi continues and featuring 3 places for this entry

Aburi Bara Chirashi set from Sun with Moon Japanese Dining

One of the most colorful and vibrant bowl of chirashi I’ve seen

It’s so deliciously good I can eat this everytime I go back

Though the salmon soup was a little strange and has too much bones

Tokusen Kaisen Don from Ichiban Boshi

This chirashi don is probably one of the most pathetic I’ve ever seen. Sashimi so thin I have problem identifying if they are really sashimi. I felt as if I was eating chap chye fan (mixed vegetable rice)

Nami Chirashi Jyu from Itacho Sushi

The rice simply tasted like rice, Singapore style. The sashimi fared a little better as compared to Ichiban’s but they will probably be ranked in the lower ranking category of my chirashi hunt. It’s just too much rice and substandard sashimi

And the rest of the dishes from Itacho. Not too sure if the outlet at Changi Airport was really bad, or simply my tastebuds just don’t accept Itacho anymore

A shot w the friend, where we spent time catching up at the airport and tending to my work emails on a weekend 😦

Ben’s Cookies. If you haven’t try them, you should

Lunch meeting at The Westin Singapore

Pan-roasted Chicken Breast with Asparagus and Sweet Potato Puree

It’s a delight to find chicken breast so moist and tender. It’s definitely one of the better chicken dishes around


So light, and the sweetness was just nice. I had no qualms finishing up the plate


And my fav team gift me with a box of chocolates from Le Rouge 🙂 #perksyougetwhenyouaregone

The $8 icecream from Godiva Chocolatier. Well, you should pamper yourself once in a while right? 😀 And it tasted as good as it looks. Just don’t keep this a habit

Lunch at Kith @ Quayside Isle

Brought the friends to Kith since they haven’t been there before and I wanted to try their pasta this time round

Strawberry Smoothie

The smoothie was diluted and not very sweet. It was rather disappointing


I know my friend too well that she will definitely order this. The bolognese was quite decent I would say. Not a fan of bolognese, but I like how they paired the cheese with the meat and the sauce was thick and appetising


Or simply means linguine with crab meat, garlic, chilli and kaffir lime

I think I haven’t tasted pasta for a long while and this was pretty good. I thought it would be better if they have this spicier (likes of a Singaporean haha)

Sirloin Steak Sandwich

A rather big portion I must say. The sirloin was good and juicy but the sourdough was a little tough. Still I think the friend must be too hungry and finished everything


A very decent bowl of tiramisu that had the right balance. We were surprised at the portion of the dessert and the choice of tableware

Hot Chocolate Lava Cake

I think the lava cake must be the only thing that comes in small size. Though I like the chocolate lava and the cake was moist and sweet, it just felt strange seeing a lava cake in this colour

Jumping on the LlaoLlao bandwagon cos we cannot lose out to the teenagers! #justkidding #toooldliao

Sunday Blooms

One of those days where I decided to arrange flowers and make myself happy. They are real okay lol

Bought this for a friend and I fell in love with it #whynobodysendsmeflowers #boo

Sunset in Phuket

Thought Anantara Vacation Club might not be the best around, I appreciate the level of service they have done for us

Chilling at Sala Resort & Spa

Well, cos grass is always greener on the other side

When me and the friends decided to cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Airport and we were trying to take a photo with SQ and the control tower #crazyus

Cheap sushi dinner with the family. Life simple pleasures 🙂 #lookatthosesashimi #ihaveoneboxtomyself #dontfightwithme

And cos I thought maggi mee is too boring, I decided to cook a Japanese ramen egg. Call me chef Iris! 😉

Went back to Bitters & Love. This was a strong whiskey-based cocktail

And then I asked for something new and adventurous

Nails for Halloween 😀

Attended Deepavali party some time back. Me in my pretty sari 😀

ootd: Smooch The Label

On days you are feeling down, remember laughter’s the best medicine

ootd: The Tinsel Rack

Friends; when you coincidentally wear clothes from the same shop

Friendship; takes effort to maintain and when you find one that’s worth keeping, treasure it 🙂 #wordsofwisdom

ootd: Dress from Armani Exchange, Shoes from Keds x Kate Spade

Cafe hunting at Little Prince Creamery

The matcha latte was horrible and the waffles were disappointing. Creamier is so much better

Dim Sum lunch at Royal Pavillion w the sisters. Stay close for reviews!

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