446. Ujong @ Raffles Hotel

Ujong @ Raffles Hotel was helmed by Chef Shen Tan, who made a name for her famous nasi lemak back at Wok & Barrels. Though by the time you read this, she had already left Ujong (boohoo). The resturant now is being overseen by Chef Mark Richards, who is the Group Executive Chef for Caerus Holding. Anyways we held a birthday dinner there where we had some seemingly normal but delicious modern local cuisine. The place was quiet on a weekday night with probably 2 or 3 tables filling the room so we had the attention of the servers in a pretty big place

Set like a kopitiam kind of style to suit the theme for the food being served. Very apt indeed

We went for the Kampung Feast @ $149 cos we thought it will probably be more worthwhile which includes the following:

1) 1 Meat Curry Dish

2) 1 Vegetable Dish

3) 2 Pasta Dish

4) 2 Nasi Lemak Dish

5) 2 Desserts

and a top up of $48 for a bottle of Prosecco (it really felt like a feast haha)

Prawn Crackers (Complimentary)

Honestly, it’s just prawn crackers but I don’t know if they were so delicious or we were too hungry, the crackers were gone in minutes

Meat Curry: Beef Rendang

We went for the signature beef rendang and it was delicious. The beef was very tender and the rendang just hit all the right spot

Vegetable Dish: Sayur Lodeh

Best Sayur Lodeh ever. Even though it’s just curry vegetables to put it plainly, you can taste the fragrance and the smoothness of the coconut. The friends enjoyed it so much there was not a single drop of sauce left

Bak Chor Mee Pasta

I’m abit shocked that our bak chor mee pasta turned out different from the pictures. Isn’t it supposed to be five spiced pork (in bigger chunks)? Anyway I didn’t really enjoy the pasta cos I thought the fusion did not go very well

Prawn Flavoured Noodles tossed with Kicap Manis, Onion & Garlic w Crispy Chicken

We were not very impressed with the presentation. It felt like a ball of noodles being chucked on the plate and dumped with onions and garlic. I can’t taste the kicap manis and the crispy chicken wasn’t impressive (at all)

Nasi Lemak w Crispy Pork

The Nasi Lemak was a show stopper. The rice was perfect from the hours of steaming and the ikan billis was amazing. The acar really got our appetite and the sambal was geared more towards the sweet side. Seasoning on the crispy pork was different with a little sweet & sour combination

Nasi Lemak w Otah

Nasi Lemak never tasted this delicious. And we love the otah, which I think could be spicier

Shendol Delights

Coconut Panna Cotta served with Red Bean Icecream & Gula Melaka Syrup

Puloh Hitam Stick Pudding served with Gula Melaka Butterscotch and Coconut Icecream

Both desserts were just as amazing as they blow our minds away. It was a very traditional dessert that we always have, being elevated to restaurant quality dishes. We were very impressed though presentation on the pulom hitam can be a little better

The staff surprised the birthday girl with a complimentary cake which was just cream and oreo

I enjoy what Ujong offers, though one may argue such plain old local food you can get them anywhere cheaper. But I thought it’s worth trying for the quality they serve. It takes on a modern twist of what we are familiar with and presents dishes in a different light though after this meal you probably had to spend hours at the gym. You can’t find a healthy dish in here as they all are high in coconut and sugar content so just eat and be happy 🙂

Ujong @ Raffles Hotel

1 Beach Road S(189673)

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