412. Ikkousha Hakata Ramen

If you had been to Ramen Champion, you would have known Ikkousha Hakata ramen. We went to their standalone store located at Tanjong Pagar for lunch and gosh, it was sure crowded. The tiny stall was constantly filled with people and the kitchen was just busy preparing bowls and bowls of delicious ramen. Though I have to mention, service was a little slow. We were surprised by the number of Japanese customers that visited this place so we couldn’t wait to have our lunch to see how good it was.

They had this promotion where if you check in on facebook, you can have either a free marinated egg or free gyoza

I like it when you can customize your own ramen and I’ll always have mine light/less oily. Even so, the broth was still very delicious

Verdict: The noodles were good, the chasiu was pathetic and the egg failed.

I miss my Japan ramen 😦


Nowhere spectacular. They had missed out our order so I can’t tell if they have this plate rushed out

It was disappointing. To start with, they were one of ramen champion winners but the quality here was sub standard. Either their consistency wasn’t there or there are just too many ramen stalls out there that are just better than Ikkousha. But the servers were friendly and helpful. And then again, that’s part of Japanese culture right. So, on to the next ramen stall!

Ikkousha Hakata Ramen

Block 7, #01-04

Tanjong Pagar Plaza


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