410. Coast and Company

Seems like Siglap is becoming the next brunch place. We decided to give Coast and Company a try so we head down two weeks after it opened (yeah this post is long overdue. lol). Nestled among private residences, Coast and Company is a cafe spin-off of their bike boutique Coast Cycles. Though newly opened, this place is pretty crowded when we were there. The place isn’t big, and the menu is minimal. And parking is limited. Their coffee beans come from Papa Pahelta, which is a personal favourite of mine and the food is designed by Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket.


I love the roast of Papa Pahelta beans

Apple Juice

I have to opt for an apple juice cos I was still recovering. Well, it’s definitely sour and refreshing enough

Butter Croissant

Sour Cream Cheese Toast

The toast was good, though it was rather burnt at the sides. The sour cream cheese was overflowing. The acidic flavour was balanced by the honey. I would love the honeycomb a little more if not for the fact they were too burnt, to the extent it was bitter

Brunch’s served

The food menu is limited to the point if you come a few more times, you would have tried everything off the menu. It would have been a hit if they bring in more varieties like waffles or pancakes. Well, one can always hope right?

Coast and Company

54 Siglap Drive S(456176)