409. Magnum Pleasure Store @ Custom House Terrace

I think everyone loves magnum. So I was very happy to hear that Magnum Pleasure Store is now in CBD though this is their last instalment and you know, might not get a chance to customize your own magnum again. So we went down on a bright sunny day to seek the store out and.. we were the only customers.

I guess they were still fixing things around

But you can relax in the air conditioned space

And enjoy some of their creations

Or if you rather just simply want to customize your own magnum,

It goes like this; you pick 3 toppings from here

They mix it for you

Choose the chocolate you want

They dip it for you

And coat it with the toppings you chose

TADA! Mine 😀

And the friend’s

We ordered a Strawberry Shake just cos it’s Consume-As-Much-Calories-As-You-Can Day

But it was really thick and delicious

So if you are feeling down or having a bad day and just craving for some icecream, head on down to Custom House Terrace for some Magnum goodness. Though it’s $7 for one stick but hey, it’s the fun and happiness you get! (Just don’t eat it every day)

For easy reference, I copied the map here


Source: Magnum Facebook Page

They will be here till 23rd July 🙂

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