407. Suju Japanese Restaurant

Suju, a place so inconspicuous you probably wouldn’t notice if you walk past it. Just located beside the famous Ippudo, this place serves some good, unpretentious Japanese food. S being such a frequent patron of the place suggested we had our friend’s birthday dinner there. It was a very quiet evening with only a few customers present so you can just sit and talk all night without burdening your surrounding

Agedashi Tofu

It was a well executed dish. The skin of the tofu was really good

Tamago Yaki

The first taste of the egg brought back memories of Japan. I would say the taste of it was very similar to what I had back there. I mean it definitely cannot be compared to the one I had in Kawagoe, but honestly speaking this was very good. The sweetness and the fluffiness of the egg brought a thumbs up to everyone on the table

Rice Set

The rice they use here is Koshihikari (Hikari-shiny), sourced from Japan. Each rice was pearly white, soft and chewy, like how Japanese rice should be like – perfect

 Pork in Ginger & Soy Sauce

Did you know this kind of pork dish is the second most popular pork dish in Japan, after tonkatsu?


Stir Fried Pork Belly & Vegetables in Citrus Dressing

It feels like a Chinese home-cooked dish. I was unimpressed by the presentation, but the sauce was very good. The pork could be better, it was a little tough in my opinion

Grilled Chicken w Sea Salt & Black Pepper

A lovely grilled chicken that was well loved by my friend. The skin was soo crispy, the juice of the chicken was just circulating in your mouth and eating it with the rice feels complete

Grilled Salmon Belly & Cheek w Ikura Roe

I thought it was a little oily but maybe cos this was the belly. But the fish was nicely done. The Ikura roes gave an extra flavour to the dish

A Special Birthday Cake

It was very sweet of the staffs to prepare a dessert platter that consist of fruits and Catarana (that looks like roasted meat). The ice pudding with roasted green tea flavour was so good, it was wiped out in seconds. 

Definitely a place to be at for some good Japanese food. And, I miss the food already 😉

Suju Japanese Restaurant

Mandarin Gallery #04-05
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

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