403. One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road

The friend and I were missing the French toast in Japan so we thought we made a visit to One Man Coffee to try how their French toast fares. The place is new, small and crowded. After battling the heat to get to the place, we waited for awhile before we got indoor seats (yeah we refused to sit in the sun). Drinks were okay. Maybe cos we got the iced version we couldn’t really taste the aroma of the coffee.

Try going earlier, it helps. If not you will have to be on waiting list to sit indoors

Prices are pretty reasonable

Brunch is served!

Gashouse Egg w Bacon Jam (Added on Buttered Mushrooms and Candied Bacon)

The bread was pretty interesting. I like how the side of the bread tasted so burnt, crispy and good. Topping up the buttered mushrooms and candied bacons was the best decision ever. The top ups tasted even better than the bread

Brioche French Toast w Berry Compote, Candied Walnuts & Fresh Cream

The French toast even wasn’t what we expected, tasted surprisingly good.

My friend told us not to have any expectations cos the food was sub standard. But maybe cos we really didn’t have any expectations, we were really quite happy with the food. Or rather, just order these 2 items off the list. heh

One Man Coffee

215R Upper Thomson Road S(574349)

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