312. Ronin (Hong Kong Street)

No signage, no name. Just 17 Hong Kong Street. If you never look closely behind the tinted doors, you’ll never expect a cafe inside. The place wasn’t very crowded while we were there so we were glad we didn’t have to wait very long. There is no menu so you have to ask the staff what’s available. The menu isn’t extensive to start with but then, imagine peak period and the staffs had to explain the same menu over and over again.

A very homely kind of cafe though the seating is kinda weird

My date 🙂

Flat white

Love coffee art that’s pretty like this


Scrambled eggs w Toast (with additional sausage & portobello mushroom)

Love the toast and the eggs

French Toast w Bacon and Apples

The french toast here is a little different, not your usual kind of french toast. Do give it a try.

This is a simple, no frills cafe with decent food and good coffee that I wouldn’t mind visiting again. Plus, price is reasonable and the place is accessible. Feels like this cafe in a hole gonna be exposed already.


17 Hong Kong Street S(059660)

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