310. Tsukada Nojo

Tsukada Nojo, if you haven’t heard of it is famous for their collagen hotpot/ramen. I wanted to try their hotpot but sadly, they only serve ramen at lunch so we decided to give it a try after hearing many good reviews about it. And surprisingly, it was pretty empty on a Saturday afternoon.

The 4 kinds of ramen to choose from. Shio, shoyu, curry & spicy hot. They will also recommend the type of noodles to go with.

So they place all the ingredients on the lid covering the pot which you have already indicated your choice of soup base and noodles

Which was basically like this. See all the fats and oil haha

And then you go DIY and choose what to put into the pot, which everyone just throw everything inside. I have no idea whats the point of separating them in the first place since I believe most people will do the same too

The waitress will ask if you prefer the noodles to be normal or less salty. My advice is to go for the less salty. Cos the whole pot is really just one mess of salt. The noodles are salty, the soup is salty, the seaweed is salty, the chicken is teriyaki kind of salty. I was surprised that the egg was not salty actually. I was pretty thirsty after the whole meal.

This kind of novelty is really not for me. I rather go for my santouka/marutama/ramen champion anytime. Sometimes all you need is just one good bowl of ramen without all the nonsense.

Nikumaki Onigiri

We decided to try one of these cos it looks really appetising. Basically, its bacon wrapped rice ball with cheese on top. I have totally no appreciation for this. It felt like they used Thai kind of rice cos the rice was hard unlike the Jap kind of rice where it’s soft and chewy. The bacon, was salty (duh) and the cheese was.. cheese. I would actually prefer the melted cheese kind. I have totally no idea what’s so special about this. But well, if you are still interested in trying..

Tsukada Nojo

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura

#03-81 (The Atrium) S(238891)

Spent the rest of the day at Playnation to celebrate the friends’ birthday. I can’t help but admit we are really old. Spending 4 hours there felt like taking our whole day’s worth of energy away. Honestly, how did we do that in the past?

Dancing to One Direction

Which we look hilariously comical

Happy Birthday girls!

Felt like as we grow older, there really isn’t much places to hang out or finding some place where it’s not so tiring 😡

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