276. Whampoa Keng Fishhead Steamboat (Rangoon road)

I didn’t know about Ah Keng’s fishhead steamboat until a friend mentioned casually so I brought the parents there for dinner one day. It’s located near Jewel’s coffee and also a stone throw away from Founder Bak Kut Teh. Aren’t you surprised there are actually so many hidden finds in little india/farrer park area?

Promfet steamboat

We went for teochew style steamboat and I must say this is really good. For teochews who know how to appreciate promfet, the fish was fresh and sweet and the soup was.. addictive. haha

Just look at the thickness of the broth. They go around topping up the soup so don’t worry if you finish it in no time

And the rest of the dishes..

WIll also recommend their crispy roast chicken. It was a lil salty but meat was tender and it goes well w the sauce provided

I think this is one of the better cereal prawns I’ve eaten. I like it for it was not too buttery or oily

The parents like it alot. I think I will be back someday again 😉 They have another outlet at Balestier but for those who are interested, here’s the address!

Whampoa Keng Fishhead Steamboat

116/118 Rangoon Road


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