275. Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Ever since the colleague told me about Seoul Yummy’s army stew, I have been wanting to try it for the longest time ever. So I finally managed to grab a bunch of peeps and head down to the square 2 outlet for some piping hot stew. I think they really rock their army stew combo for 2 pax (which could definitely feed 4)

Best thing about a korean restaurant is their side dish. We asked for refills again and again cos it was so gooood. haha

#supernotpaiseh #damntypicalsingaporean

Here’s what the combo consists of: 2 barley tea + 1 choice of army stew (meat/seafood) + 2 multi grain rice (which we upgraded) + 1 choice of appetizer + 1 choice of dessert

The appetizer: Korean Pancake

Though it looks pretty thick here, the batter wasn’t dense so don’t worry. I love how pancakes go well with the sauce provided

Kimchi Fried Rice (upgraded)

This dish was so totally localized – no taste of kimchi at all

Bibimbap (upgraded)

Pretty normal, nothing spectacular

The highlight: Army Stew

Gosh, it was so awesome we cleaned off the entire pot. Imagine that. haha

Dessert: Korean Bingsoo

I have no idea how Korean Bingsoo tastes like. But this bingsoo consists of yoghurt + ice + jelly + fruits

I think the combo they offered was definitely value for money. So much food for $49.90++ but it can be shared by 4 pax. So looking for good army stew? Try Seoul Yummy 🙂

Seoul Yummy

Square 2

10 Sinaran Drive #03-68 


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