272. Immigrants Gastrobar

Chose Immigrants Gastrobar as our restaurant week dinner cos we actually wanted to try something different this time. So the place wasn’t crowded when we reached, and it wasn’t packed when we left either. Well, it speaks much of the place isn’t it?

It’s like a Penarakan tapas style which we get to choose 4 of the dishes + 1 dessert but seeing how small the portion gonna be, we opted out of the restaurant week menu and went ala carte instead cos we were really hungry.

Chilled Tofu w Century Egg Relish

Looks disgusting right? Taste weird too

Ngoh Hiang

I think my grandma’s ngoh hiang tastes better

Babi Assam

The meat was pretty tender but the dish was nothing fantastic either.

Squid Bomb

Probably the best dish out of the night. But then again, anyone can cook this. It’s just sotong + chilli =/

Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice

It looks like shit, it tastes like shit too.

Just to show what we left at the end of the meal by the 4 VERY HUNGRY people.

The food wasn’t inedible. It was just pure bad. I think you need acquired taste to appreciate the stuffs here.

Immigrants Gastrobar

467 Joo Chiat Road S(427678)

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