270. Nara Thai Cuisine Singapore

Bangkok’s famous local chain – Nara Thai had finally opened its doors in Singapore. And being awarded Thailand’s best restaurants, I had to see for myself how good it was. But sadly, I don’t think it deserves its merits.

Pretty interior. Feels very sophisticated for a thai restaurant.

Lime with grass jelly

It was literally lime juice + grass jelly.

Tom Yum Goong

I think thai eateries should stop adjusting their recipes. How is tom yum goong called tom yum goong when it’s not even spicy?! Honestly, if the tom yum goong fails the quality test, how do you expect other dishes to match up? And besides, this pot had a strong prawny taste, which was kinda weird. I guess the only comfort was the huge river prawns which was the highlight.

Paad Thai w Chicken

Pretty meh

I think we were pretty thankful we did not order too many main dishes. Judging from the presentation of the basil pork on the next table,  the dish looks drenched in too much sauce. Not very appetizing from my point of view. And so we moved on to desserts.

Mango sticky rice

The rice was too hard

Nara’s coconut icecream w Thai sweet condiments

This is my favourite out of all. I would go back to Nara just for this awesome dessert. I love how awesome the icecream was just alone itself. And matching it with your favourite condiments, it was perfect.

My fav gotta be the peanuts and jackfruit which went so well with the icecream. I was pretty shocked when the waiter came up to us with the condiments. My eyes really went wide. hahahha and we were jokingly commenting whether anyone would finish the whole glass of condiments. So don’t be shocked if they decided to reduce to a smaller serving size.

Anyways, I don’t think Nara Thai is worth the money. Thai food, is supposed to be cheap and good. If it’s more than a reasonable price, then the quality has to be exceptional. So sadly, they failed to match up to expectations.

Nara Thai Cuisine

Ion Orchard, #B3-21
2 Orchard Turn

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