253. Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore

I’m pretty sure when you read this post, you will go awwww. To find something so adorable like this in Singapore, it’s quite rare. hahah this snack originates from Taiwan Fengjia night market and has now found itself a home at *Scape. I think the store has certainly found itself at a good location with particularly all the young crowd being there. So I’m sure it will get popular in no time!

Limited seatings/al fresco style

Ordering is simple.

First: Choose whether you want chicken or fish fillet

Second: Choose the type of bun you want; ranging from milk, oat, brown sugar, yam, curry, squid ink and strawberry (seasonal)

Third: Choose a sauce – mushroom, tar tar, thai, honey mustard, black pepper & golden cheese

So M and I both had chicken, completed with a meal of cheese fries + a bottled drink.

Squid ink bun

Honey mustard + chicken

Cheese fries!

The original milk bun

Mushroom sauce + chicken

Cutest bear paw bun ever

Presentation wise, they totally rock. But I can’t really taste the milk nor squid ink flavour. They are just buns to me but thankfully, the buns are soft and addictive to eat. The whole ‘burger’ was actually too big to fit into my mouth. So M and I actually had problem eating the whole thing together. Plus, it’s too messy. The chicken kept flying out of the bun and the mushroom sauce kept dripping inside the bag. SO PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS AND EAT IN THE CINEMA. Don’t say I didn’t warn. hahaha it’s best to sit there and eat till you are done with it. The mushroom sauce tastes like KFC mushroom sauce, so nothing special. But the chicken is good. In all, there is a balance of hits & misses, but this place is still one that is worth visiting plus it’s pocket friendly and oh so cute. So who’s complaining?

Bear Bites 熊の食


2 Orchard Link, #02-42

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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Concept is interesting, thou burger could be normal? hehe. but doesn’t spoil my mood to pay them a visit 🙂 sooo cant wait for this weekend to try it out. Anyway, nice pics and info!


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