239. Chikuwa Tei @ Mohamed Sultan Road

Met up with my ex colleagues and we decided on Chikuwa Tei at mohd sultan road. Opened by the former chef of Wasabi Tei, I was definitely excited to see what they can offer. And I was thankful I made reservations prior cos gosh, this place is sure crowded! They are famous for their chirashi don, where thick slices of fresh sashimi are placed on top of a bento … but nope, we decided not to order that. haha though we ordered quite alot of other stuffs 🙂

This place was still crowded by the time we left


Starter. Pretty good

Ikura Chawanmushi

It’s one of the better chawanmushi around. You must be thinking how different can chawanmushi differ, but for this it really stands out. I love how the ikura burst in your mouth, followed by the smooth steamed egg and ending w big and sweet prawns at the bottom

Tofu Salad

Give it a miss, nothing special. I mean the sauce is good but that’s about it.


I think freshness is definitely a must. Though the thickness of the sashimi scares me. haha

Tenpura maki

Grilled ika

Highly recommended. Just so good.

Beef sukiyaki

I think japanese food can never go wrong. If there’s nothing I was craving for, I definitely go for jap. haha but I believe The Sushi Bar is the only place that hits the mark for pocket friendly japanese fare. Though the food is not bad here, I am still looking for a place that can be called ‘my favourite jap restaurant’ 🙂

Chikuwa Tei

9 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01

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