207. Sabio by the Sea

To continue from where I left off, the friends decide to surprise me with my dinner (cos they refuse to tell me where we are going). So after prepping, we were all ready to go!

ootd 🙂

And yes, it turns out we were going to have dinner at Quayside Isle and to be precise, Sabio by the Sea!

They have an original outlet at Duxton, but my colleague said the one here is so much better so I was really excited to give it a try!

Pretty interior

Never miss Sangria at a Spanish restaurant

Chorizo Iberico

Sausage made from Iberian black pig. Pretty.. normal.

Which they recommend for some bread to go along. It was a good choice. Not the pairing though but this tomato bread is really tasty and delightful. We were pleasantly surprised how the bread is so good on its own already.

Patatas Alioli

Fried potatoes with garlic mayo. I thought it lack a little salt, if not the taste would be so much better

El Pulpo

Grilled Octopus Leg. I enjoy the crunchiness of the seafood but somehow, it lacks a little flavour. Maybe we should have squeeze the lemon on it so that it could taste better.

El Cerdo

Herbs marinated pig shoulder. This is sooo good. I would recommend anyone to go for it. The meat was so tender and the flavours were just right.

Paella Negra

Mixed seafood in squid ink. I know it doesnt look presentable but this is really the best paella I have ever eaten. I’m still dreaming of it. hahaha but prepared for those who gonna order this, the waiting time can be quite longg (at least half an hour)


Not very impressive

Pastel de Mantequilla Salada Carmelo Lava

Salty butter caramel lava cake. This is their house specialty dessert. It was awesomeee.


The staff would actually slice the cake infront of you before letting you enjoy the dessert!

Honestly, I really like Sabio by the Sea. Though there were hits and misses but it has made it to one of my fav Spanish restaurants. Would definitely love to make another visit but it’s located all the way at Sentosa Cove! Gosh. hahahah so inaccessible please. Another thing I would advise is to have your dinner early. As night falls, the restaurant gets really really really crowded. You can still see people waiting for seats at 9pm and of course, waiting time for the food gets long as well. So yes, remember to make reservations 🙂

Ending w a picture of us!

Sabio by the Sea

31 Ocean Way, #01-02

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