205. A for Arbite (Closed)

Gave the girlfriend 5 options to dine but she decided on A for Arbite, so here I am back again! hahaha and of course this time round, I made sure to try others that I didn’t manage to try the first time round.

First up, we have Pulled Pork Ragout Fettuccine

I love this. Love the braised pork flavours and the tenderness of the meat.

Mini Beef Truffle Burgers

Aren’t they cute? I think they rock presentation-wise, the flavours are good too but it would be better if they could warm the top of the bread as well.

Went for desserts straight after this. Was abit shocked by the birthday candle I requested cos apparently they don’t have it so the  pictures look like it was our death anniversary instead. LOL.

okay jokes aside, the dessert was really good.

My Wife’s Chocolate Cake

Decently moist, warm and yummy

Chrysanthemum Gelee

This is strange. Like really very strange. It’s not like the flavours don’t go well tgt. It’s just that I thought it doesnt really fit into the menu. This dish is soo oriental. Well, you can always be brave and order them! haha

And lastly, happy birthday us; to this very old friend of mine! ❤

A for Arbite

28 Aliwal Street #01-01

If you are interested to read about my previous visit, here’s the link!

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