197. Hoshino Coffee

There’s a new place in town (okay maybe not so new anymore) haha but I finally get to try Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura! Somehow the q is forever long but on the bright side, it moves pretty fast so thankfully we got our seats in no time! Hoshino Coffee is one of those new places located at the new wing of Plaza Singapura and I must say, the food surprises cos I actually didn’t go there with high expectations.

No we didn’t use this. haha we just used the traditional method of calling the servers, well whatever works right.

The cousins ordered the tea

while I gave their Matcha latte a go! It’s really not bad but I thought it has more milk taste than tea. It’s just different, but I think it’s pretty decent.

Lobster bisque pasta

I love this. The rich aroma and taste of the broth with the pasta really goes well together

Curry Rice

I thought it was a lil salty and it would be too gelat for one person to finish the whole bowl. To share would be a good option. The sausage is good though!

Ordered their double souffle pancake which they are famous for. But HMMM, nothing special honestly. They taste like macdonalds pancake..

Chocolate lava cake

I would actually you to go for their chocolate lava cake than the pancakes. hahaa somehow I think this is better, especially with the milky vanilla icecream at the side 🙂

Well, this place is still worth a go if you are in the area.

Hoshino Coffee

68 Orchard Road

#03-84 Plaza Singapura

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