JB Part 1

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!! My first post of 2013 shall be dedicated to the above title. hahaha. It was a trip to Legoland just before Christmas with the council family. Actually, honestly, it wasn’t that bad.. I know everyone says it’s pretty bad there but maybe cos we went there with no expectations so like we really enjoyed ourselves. Well, ours was an overnight trip bought on deal.com.sg and it was a spur of a moment thing but I’m really glad we celebrated our Christmas there this year. Alrights enough said!

Gathered at Newton food centre for departure

and the company!

After a very very long time at immigration, we are finally there! (I didn’t know it was just half an hr away from customs. That’s how near it was)

The must-take photo at the entrance. LOL

We were so famished we decided to have lunch first. Well, I’m glad we made that decision cos it became really crowded after that.

Map of the place

Had lunch at Market Restaurant cos it sounds like they have more food in there

SO GLAD I ORDERED THE CHICKEN. hahaha cos the spaghetti was really horrible and the fish & chips was miserable. The chicken is the only thing that tastes like food. LOL and the soup (ohmy) I don’t even want to mention it. =/

SO.. We started touring the whole park & taking lots of pictures under the seriously not joking weather. The sun was out to kill really.

Lego Christmas tree!

Singapore 🙂

They even have duck tour! How cute!

This is Hanoi, Vietnam. In case you couldnt tell. haha well I couldn’t tell until I read the sign

After finishing mini land, we were half dead. hahahaha

But honestly, I’m really impressed with how they built the icons with legos. But the thing with legoland is the stuffs here are generally not cheap probably they target tourists and it’s located in the middle of nowhere. Like seriously middle of nowhere. HAHA foodwise, I REALLY recommend to eat before entering legoland. There’s a mini mall (not really a mall but you get my point) with KFC, Burger King etc just directly opposite which I think you are better off eating there. Yeah we didnt know until we left =x


It’s playtime! Actually we went inside to hide from the heat and decided to make use of our time building something. Can you guess what this is?? hahah it IS supposed to by a cafe/restaurant. LOL

A frame made of legos. COOL RIGHT

We were actually q-ing for the famous dragon roller coaster ride which got stuck in mid air (you know) when we wanted to take a photo of this book (while q-ing). But there were 2 lil girls, prob 4-5 years old hogging the entire stand for like the past 15 minutes and they dont move away. So I decided to tap on one of them and asked if we could just take a quick shot. AND THE GIRL GLARED AT ME.. Like seriously..

So we termed them spoilt brats. hahahah and it’s not of this one incident.

So later when we went into an opening which the view of the roller coasters can be seen, the girls wanted to come infront of us to see. I was so damn tempted to glare back at them cos they were pushing past us. HAHAHAHA call me childish but whatever, I don’t give a damn just cos you are young. If you are not right in the first place, you messed with the wrong person lady..

And ohmygod, the thing about taking these rides, the attendants don’t really check the safety!!! So like you are responsible for your own safety in a way to make sure the handles are down all the way. The awesome thing is when the attendants have not given the signal to the operator, the operator already pressed the button for the coaster to move!! =O like seriously…….. I mean probably the operator could see all is well, but don’t you need to follow the procedure or sth?? hmm

Anyway later that evening we checked into our hotel – KSL Hotel & Resort and our mission started. haha cos we were supposed to celebrate Iris’s birthday that night so we had to rush out to get a birthday cake. It was damn funny but luckily we managed to rush back in time. Dinner was at Arashi Shabu Shabu located at the shopping centre. I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it’s super decent and worth it. I would recommend anyone to try it!

Looks super classy right. HAHA I think we were all surprised by the interior

This is one set. Ordered mine with tom yum soup cos I like it spicy. heh and it’s good! We spent sgd $18 each for one set and a shared bimbimbap. You cannot find such price in sg right.. haha


And hunting the $2 magnum, no matter how full we were already. 😀

group photo 🙂

It’s surprise time!

We did our Christmas gift exchange too and here’s what I did for my santee. Inspiration from my own bottle. haha



Quite glad with the final product 😀

Shall end off with a picture of our messy room. HAHA

Honestly, the room wasn’t that bad. The reviews we read all make it sound super bad but it’s alright~ haha anyway we are just there to sleep for that few hours.. right?

Stay tune to Part 2! Bye Folks!

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  1. joanne. says:

    the tumbler is super nice! 🙂 how did you do it?!


    1. irisslove says:

      haha using template from starbucks tumblr then you cut, paste & decorate!


      1. joanne. says:

        it looks like alot of work :X and creativity skills involved.


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