JB Part 2

Started the day bright & early by having breakfast at KSL. Honestly, the breakfast was just alright. Do not expect too much and apparently the dishes were similar every day (overheard at the table line). So after checking out we made our way to.. Hello Kitty Land!! Okay lots of photos ahead!


Having fun w the hotel lift door cos the left side made us look super slim. hehehe

So much crowd

It’s this empty only cos we were there when it just opened for the day.

This is actually a station where you play treasure hunt inside. It’s quite fun! Me and jasmine totally brought out the competitiveness in us and finished the game in… 6 seconds. LOL

You will be given a lamp like this and find the missing letters hidden over the place

and then finally using the letters to form a word: MAGIC!

lol we were totally amused we finished in 6 seconds (yeah not 6 minutes ok) but I think they started the timing later lahhhh.

and then it’s photo time! hee

Credits to Jasmine


Taking pictures at the parade!

Hi Melody! πŸ™‚

We went into the next station to decorate our own cookie. hehe

and visited the hello kitty house

totally love this family picture

so we tried our own rendition. hahah

this is one GIGANTIC bath tub

we look so happy here. haha girls and kitty πŸ™‚

At some point in time, the boys were like ‘HUH you mean we still not done?!’ LOL POOR BOYS πŸ˜€

the kitty that was too big for us. hahaha and I looked as if I got no neck here. lol

Our first reactions when we first stepped in: SOOOO CUTEEEEE!

LOL. So we thought.. do you think the gents have these? hahaha and the next thing you know we forced the boys to go back in to take photos for us. Their expressions were priceless. They gave us the ‘are you kidding’ face and then we were like you got no choice! hahaha

Credits to Kaihua




hehe πŸ˜€

And this concludes hello kitty land as we made our way to visit The little big club which was just one level up. And you can tell our level of excitement by the number of pictures below. HAHAH. Honestly, there were only these few rides we could take and there wasn’t much photos to be taken too..

yeah we took Thomas the train. haha

and then we finally decided that we were hungry so we made our way to find food which we didn’t know was such an upscale task. We went to explore the area outside and walked towards the harbour . We thought it would be a good option to dine there but alas! the restaurant told us they were closed! (at 2pm!!) and there was only one freaking restaurant there. So we walked back to hello kitty cafe but by the time it was our turn, all the food was sold out! (=x) so we made our way up to the lil big club to have our roast chicken which we took a long time to get seats and even a longer time to get our food! oh my it was super eventful but we were thankful at least there was roast chicken available. But seriously, how can they have so little food on a weekend?! It’s like.. unacceptable isnt it? So advice? I dont even know what advice to give. hahaha. It’s like if you eat first, you’ll have little time for hello kitty land and if you go hello kitty land first (like us), all the food will be gone. Gosh! By the time we gobbled down our food (cos we only had 15 mins to eat), we made our way down to the souvenir shop to be even disappointed further. It’s like there was nothing special to buy and most of the stuffs were already sold out! Can you believe it?!

Honestly, I don’t think I will visit Hello Kitty Land/The Little Big Club again. One experience is enough. haha

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