The superheroes celebrate Christmas!

I think one party which I definitely look forward to is my class xmas themed party. I love how everyone really puts an effort to dress up to the theme and come celebrate together. Even though it wasn’t an elaborate affair but such simple gestures and effort really warms the heart 🙂 So this year’s theme is Superhero! (Seriously our theme is getting harder and harder each year) We booked a room at Berjaya Hotel located at Duxton road (No, it’s not in Malaysia even though it sounds truely Asia. haha) It’s actually a boutique hotel that incorporates colonial charm. So me and ziki checked in early and just chilled at the room while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The one thing I don’t like is this TV thingy! Cos the doors cannot be kept inside so it’s like obstructing us when we walk past. Plus I don’t like how the lights in the room are so yellowish. It’s not good for photos 😦 and the shower head which has such low pressure that water comes out really small.

Hello catwoman!

Green lantern! (yes there’s a female version. haha)

specially borrowed comic books for this occasion. effort much 🙂

DIY props

Princess Leia!

Honestly when she came in, I really had no idea who is she representing. hahahaha

Doing up the deco!

There’s actually much more food but we were all too hungry. hahaha

Lemme introduce to you the other superheroes!


Pink & Blue ranger! They are so cute. haha 🙂


Confused spiderman. hahaha


Nick Fury

and watching Alvin & the chipmunks. hehe ❤

the female superheroes!

and the male counterparts!

and cos the boys lost charades..

THEY HAVE TO FINISH THE CABBAGE (which was brought wrongly. hahaha)

the birthday log cake for the birthday boy!

Trying to blow the candle w the mask on! LOL

and it’s time for a class photo!

and then it’s just. chaos. HAHAHAH dont know what’s happening already 🙂

Gift exchange time! We played secret santa this year so we don’t have to buy a generic gift

The gift that was sweetly bought by his gf! ❤


This is the funniest really. His santa bought him VEGETABLES. hahahha omg how classic please.

Anyway I think playing secret santa is more thoughtful. It’s like you spend so much time and effort pondering over what to buy for your colleagues yet you do not do the same for your friends. And it’s so fun to see what your friends get you like a birthday part 2. haha

and just chilling around afterwards

and we drank all the way till 5am. OHMYGOSH. haha totally wanted to die the next day.

One advice: Never play saboteur while drunk. hahaha it’s like you are just playing on your own and not caring what’s going on anymore.

So yes the party officially ended at 5am and it was a blast. Me and ziki went group therapy for brunch cos it was just opposite. Somehow we felt that the standard wasn’t the same this time. I had no idea is it cos of too much alcohol in our system or we had no appetite or it was just their standard was different. Anyways, food!

Z with her poached eggs!

and her cup of peach nectare which I think they really used the whole peach and squeezed it into a cup of juice

me w my sunny sides & roasted almond latte.

always prefer sunny side>poached. hee

ending off w a picture of me 🙂

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