Penang – part 1!

Head over to Penang for a short getaway w my dearest htgt+ haha. Having known each other for 10 years and this is our first official trip tgt but I’m really glad we finally made our trip come true. hehe πŸ™‚

waiting for departure!

Passed by the snake temple on the way to our hotel and it’s literally a snake temple. Live and poisonous snakes everywhere up on the tree! =o haha then got stuck in a major jam cos it was after work hours but glad we made it back before we fainted of hunger. LOL

let me introduce to you the place we stayed!

Mango Tree Place

the office/breakfast area

the house we lived in

the structure of our hotel is pretty cool. it isnt like a hotel hotel but more of a bed & breakfast. Situated among the terrace houses, we were the occupants of the whole entire 2nd level. Love how spacious the bedrooms were and there was live coverage of olympics. how awesome πŸ™‚

OTD day 1

peekture before dinner!

oyster omelette – RM30. like whatttt! hahaha

it was horrible btw but we finished em all cos we were so hungry. LOL. i think we still prefer sg version of oyster omelette – wins hands down.

tiger prawns in home made sauce – RM58. gosh! lol


our zi char came up to a total bill of RM89. which wasn’t very cheap but then again, red garden cafe targets tourists, which explain for the higher prices. and maybe cos they target tourists we think the food there is pretty decent.

oh. they had the BEST lime juice ever. we tried all the lime juices in penang. LOL

supper at kimberly road

the fried kway teow stall

apparently they have the best kway chap here but we didnt try

the dessert stall

interesting the stall operates outside the coffeeshop

the worst fried kway teow. it’s like super salty, very bad.

the dessert’s pretty decent.

Visited Kimberly road due to Charlie’s recommendation (our hotel incharge). She said locals like to come here for good food. But apparently we think otherwise. haha the food here isn’t fantastic. It’s just not bad. Maybe we had set our expectations too high but I think it wouldnt hurt to give this street a miss.

Then off to happy hour. Was deciding between Soho & the pubs at upper penang road in which we decided on the latter. We chose the first one cos it looks the most crowded haha. But it was a good pub! With cheap drinks & good music but some random strangers totally ruin it.

our tall carlsberg tower which only cost RM75. cheap cheap

our hawaiian pizza bread

our start of horror. hahah this random stranger suddenly photobombed us. we were like ….?!

continuation of horror night. we were so terrified & shocked. LOL

and when we finally thought we can have a good shot with just 3 of us, the aussie guy came and stayed at our table for the whole time! ohmygod. so we have to stuff ourselves with the pizza and beer. I swear I had never drank beer so fast in my life. LOL. it was damn hilarious cos our tower of carlsberg finished in record time. It was really a pity if you asked me cos this was a good place to chill & relax. oh wells 😦

last peekture for the night!

stay tuned for part 2! πŸ™‚

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