Penang – part 2!

Back to my penang trip! We had breakfast at our hotel before heading to Penarakan mansion. Breakfast was pretty good and filling though it was a simple fare of local dishes. And we took the free shuttle to Georgetown area cos we were lazy to walk. haha. But the free shuttle is actually a service provided by Charlie and cos she wasn’t free, she actually hired a cab for us to take us there (so sweeet!)

OTD day 2!

breakfast in tingkat style

here’s the deal

plus a slice of prata each

and OJ + coffee/tea

group shot!

and cos we had some time, we decided to leave a message in their guestbook

the whole message was purely hilarious

the 2nd son who was pretty good looking. lol

film site of lil nonya – chengxi’s house

i dont uds. dont ask me. haha

this wraps up the whole mansion tour.

Up next! lunch at penang road for some asam laksa & chendol. Did i mention how hot the weather was that day?

The asam laksa stall. I know it deosnt look like a stall nor was it v clean. hahaha.

The assam laksa. Sorry it’s abit blur. Well, how do i say this? The black sauce is actually the shrimp paste sauce and the laksa soup base is actually more fishy as compared to sg’s version of coconut-based. We didnt like the noodles too as we felt it was too soft. Overall, this asam laksa wasn’t to our liking. But here’s a fact, this asam laksa is actually quite a popular one among the locals situated at Joon Hooi Cafe.

Rojak, which was equally bad.

and the very famous penang road chendol, which was just blah.

here’s the stall

and the horrendous crowd/queue

Honestly, IT IS JUST SO-SO. Malacca’s one is definitely better!

And so we concluded sg’s hawker is definitely better. haha yes, singaporeans do travel to penang for its cuisine but after this trip, nah I won’t go back in the near future. Why travel when you had better hawker fare at home? 🙂

We went to have some wanton mee and durians next, located at lorong susu!

wanton mee

with some kick-ass chilli. The chilli is REALLY good and spicy!

sang mee – Aston’s fav. haha

and fried wantons

I have to say, this stall surprises us. The noodles here are pretty not bad. Definitely worth a visit if you are in penang. 😉

and down the road

durrriiiannns 😀

D24, Green Apple & Red prawn for RM 85!

love the red prawn – my fav!

finally my craving satisfied. haha

Head back towards hotel for some Apom snack in which we tried both the brothers’ stall. Verdict? Apom Guan wins.

Apom chooi’s

how the Apom snack looks like. It’s actually banana pancake!

Apom Guan!

They are brothers, but apparently they are not on talking terms anymore (for I dont know what reason). Anyway Guan’s more cheerful & talkative while Chooi is more reserved & quiet. And verdict between the 2 stalls? We all unanimously vote for Apom Guan 🙂 Mind you, we waited 45 mins for 5 pancakes cos the people infront ordered in batches of 50 @@

Headed over to Him Heang to get our freshly baked tau sar piah. They bake freshly everyday specifically at 3pm!

Out from a very long queue

RM 5.50 for the small one

Other than tau sar piah, I really love the ma ti su too! It’s really good! Drop off our items at the hotel (glad it was just nearby) before cabbing to Coffee Tree to get some authentic penang white coffee

I think we tried all kinds of coffee here. From the very famous white coffee to durian coffee. LOL

but the white coffee is really good! One bag comes in small instant packets of 12 and it costs RM30 each. Quite expensive but it’s good!

Walked to the nearby Gurney plaza and we caught The Dark Knight Rises!! whoohoo. A super random decision but it was a good one cos it only costs $4.80 sgd. cheap cheap 😀

LOL. random cows on the streets.

very pleased! 🙂

Dinner at old green house, near our hotel!

lor bak, which was okay~

hokkien mee, which we think can find any good prawn mee in sg easily

The star of night, definitely has to be this bak kut teh. It’s totally awesome!

They have everything inside, like really everything. haha

and ended the night with facial. haha my cute friends ❤

next day marks our last day in penang. didn’t do much except for eating (lol) and visited the little penang street market which was held at every last sunday of the month.

OTD day 3!

our brekkie! prefer yesterday’s one though

our usual group pic in the morning

and a sad shot. haha

Head over to try one of the more famous fried kway teow at khoon hiang cafe, a 25 minutes walk away from our hotel and it’s definitely one of the better fried kway teow!

the special fried kway teow which costs RM10.50 and is making me hungry looking at it now. haha they consist of giant prawns and mantis prawns. Indeed special!

Pop by the street market which was located at the pubs area but it was like… a waste of our time. hahahaa. So lunch at some authentic penerakan restaurant which Charlie recommended!

supposed to be a sian face shoot but I dont know why gwj is smiling here -.-

spring roll & pork roll

curry chicken

and the famous fried chicken which I think it was abit overfried

and chendol which we think it is much better than the one at penang road

pathetic mango dessert if you ask me. hahaha we were like o.O

Overall, it was a not bad meal that serves pretty good penerakan food. but of course the best meal of the trip has to be the bak kut tek, followed by fried kway teow and then this penerakan meal 🙂

Went to the airport after that but honesly, penang airport really needs some upgrading internally & externally!

SYSTEM DOWN -.- ohmygod. haha

that’s the end of my penang trip! hope you enjoy it as well 🙂


on a side note, HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE! loves ❤

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