Worst trip ever

Hello, I just had to get this post out cos it’s just so terrible, horrible and miserable. Sighs. I signed up on this durian tour organised by Punggol RC committee with my relatives with much anticipation but by the end of the day we were just so disappointed with the organizers this will definitely be our first & the last.

Before the trip, I actually researched on how it’s gonna be like so it better prepared me mentally which I was so glad I did. If not I think I will really feel so upset. haha. Anyways we had a early meetup at some coffeeshop (at like 6am okayy). I mean being early is fine cos we had to battle the jams and all but what I think it could be better improved and managed is the attitude of the organizer. There was some attendance taking going on and my aunty went to have ours taken (cos there are so many people going for the trip you couldn’t expect them to come around) and the lady in charge was this person called Cindy, chairman of Oasis RC. I think is her indifferent and unfriendly and unhelpful attitude that really turns people off. I mean if our name is not on the list is fine, but she could have just told us to go to Julye (another RC person whom is also our guide for the day). She just simply told us ‘not here’ and then couldnt even bother to tell us to go find her co-colleague?! YES, they know each other okay. They work in the same RC, and it’s not as if they were working tgt for the first time! like what…?

Nevermind, so thankfully the people on our bus were all punctual people so we get to drive off first. Let me remind you there were altogether 200+ people going for the trip – 5 buses in total. I don’t see anything wrong in going batch by batch or whoever is ready can just go ahead first cos first, we had to battle with the traffic, then battle with the immigration and battle with the crowd. I mean any logical and reasonable person would perhaps think of it this way. So anyway after immigration, we came to this breakfast place which serves really good food.

really love the wanton mee

This is the BEST mee jiang kueh ever. haha sorry it doesn’t look appetising here but I cannot stop raving how awesome it is.

I was really quite thankful we were the first bus to reach cos the place wasn’t that big and we only have limited time for breakfast. SO imagine, 200 people trying to find seats and buying food. I mean seriously, cannot be right? And by the time all the other buses arrived, we were ready to depart for our next destination!

At yoyo to buy local products!

We actually stopped here for a pretty long time cos there were 2 jokers who spent like I dont know how long inside the shop trying to buy the whole store down or something. I mean come on, the stuffs are all repeated! In the end we waited from an empty bus lot to a filled bus lots.

Up next! Durian feast (okay maybe not). We were driven to this jungle/clearing which we had to walk in for our durians. Yes, it totally matched what I had expected it to be, everything bad. Sighs it’s so bad I dont even know how to put it in words.

This trip even though is being organized by RC, they partnered together with this travel agency called Apple holidays and so if you happen to be going for durian trips organized by this fellow travel agency, I sincerely wish you all the best and say goodbye to whatever amount you paid for this ridiculous durian trip.

Yes it’s so crowded if you happen to be late then you just had to stand around and eat.

The helper will help you slit the first crack. This basket of durians here was meant to be for the few tables that are in the vicinity. But no, random people from I had no idea where being kiasu and kiasi just stand around him and took the durians away and thus, depriving us of our durians. And you had no idea what type the durains are. D24? 101? Phoenix?

I dont think there was a proper washing area for you to wash your hands so please bring sanitiser/wet wipes.

It was only the first few that was edible. Out of 10 durians we had, 8 were either too moist due to being kept for too long or the skin had alr hardened. Out of the remaining 2, 1 is probably sucky and thus leave us with the remaining edible one which we had to battle with the houseflies which were attacking the durians as well. SO, I only had 3 seeds. On top of that, we had to battle with mozzies and stinky shit smell which I had no idea where it was from. Furthermore, there were no mangosteens/lychess but only watermelon which wasn’t sweet.

So we got up the bus and left for lunch. Reaching the restaurant, people had to fight for the toilet which only had 1 cubicle so the queue went from 3rd story to 2nd story. And then it was only us that were there. Imagine 200 people. -.- Lunch was alright, better than I expected.

And then came the ridiculous moment. Mary, chairman of Merdian RC and Cindy came over and told our guide not to run off first everytime. They accused her saying she kept chasing everyone in the bus to the next destination and proposed everyone leaves together at every destination. Honestly, I had no idea what they were thinking. They probably had this delusion this was a private trip for 20 people. Hello! There are so many of us here, 200 + in total! And at everyplace there is crowd. When there’s crowd, waiting time incurs. You know their suggestion was so ridiculous me and my cousin just shoot back at them. And we had the best guide ever. She didnt chase us or anything but did her best to help us.

So after this ridiculous moment, we spend some time at Jusco before proceeding on for dinner which commences at 630pm. I think it was really during dinner time that got everyone on our bus so angry. Well, we were the first to reach (again) not like we reached very early but we were there on the dot at 630pm. So the chef asked our guide if we want to start first or wait for the rest of the 160 people to come and start together. SO after calling Mary, she wanted us to wait and her reason being? It’s just dinner and besides they were already on their way. Okay fine, but guess what time she walks in? At 7.05pm. Let me remind you the trip from the shopping centre to the restaurant only takes 15 minutes. Well she still had the decency to stroll in and acted like she was the main lead actress or something. Hey if you are already the last bus and you know the whole world is waiting, can’t you show a little urgency? Besides, there were young kids and elderly who waited so long for dinner to start. But no, this ridiculous lady simply sat down at a table after she strolled in! She didn’t even help to arrange tables for the guests that were on the same bus as her!! It’s like what the hell seriously!

The lady in green

who dared not even looked in my direction is called Mary

Hey lady, if you do have leadership skills to be a leader, please do not assume any leadership positions or even be as shameless to be the organizer of such a big scale event. Honestly, this is simply plain ridiculous. A person with no time management, no sensitivity, no urgency and I would go as far as saying you probably have no logical reasoning as well. Seriously, what on earth man.

Anyway peektures of dinner

The food were all gone in 2 minutes once they landed on the table. Seriously starving people.

And after dinner, it was home sweet home.

But seriously, this trip was disappointing to the core and worthy of the tile to be the Worst. Trip. Ever.

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