Hongkong day 4

*haha sorry for disappearing. I just couldnt find time. Anyway, here is it. The last post on hong kong!

Last post on hongkong! Before I can finally get started on my US travelogue which hopefully I can still remember what’s going on. hahaha. Anyway we wanted to try this tomato noodles at TST which we sourced from the net. I think if it wasn’t advertise on the net, I would definitely not find this place. hahaha it’s located at some really hidden corner!

OTD for day 4

and on our way to breakfast!

tomato noodle w fried egg!

v happy w the food. haha

Honestly, it isn’t cheap. Sgd$6 for a bowl of noodles. I actually expect it to be more of a char chang teng price. But yes the noodles is good, and blogging it makes me want to have some right now 😡 so I shall leave the decision to you to see if you want to try them out! 🙂

Star Café 星座冰室

Shop 36, Basement , Champagne Court “B,” 16 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; +852 2721 2908
Opening hours: 0800 – 2100

And we went for lunch straight after this. hahahah. I know right. I’m amazed at the amount we can eat. We went to try the roast goose stall which apparently is the more localised one located at Sham Tseng. So here begins our journey!

on the train to tsing yi

Towards the bus interchange

turn left and walk towards the far end

Taking mini bus 308M

a squeaky clean & shiny bus

just servicing the 2 of us! haha

We were kinda worried as we not sure where to alight but the bus driver was really nice to tell us where to drop off, so fear not!

Crossing over

The roast goose is fatty, oily & dry. So much for the hype & excitement. And the brocolli was not well cooked and flavoured  enough. I think I can cook better than that. So it was a waste of time and money at this place. I would definitely try the more touristy roast goose next time round!

Yue Kee 裕記
9 Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, New Territories
Opening hours: 11am — 11:30pm

We went back to Kowloon and have our all time favourite 雞蛋仔, located near Kimberly hotel. When we used to stay at Shamrock, we would always walk past it to get to TST! And off we go to Shamrock to bid our good byes 😦 and then for some desserts at Yee Shun! haha

round and smooth and crispy egg waffles!

Hmm, I don’t have the address for this but if you walk from Jordan to TST, you would definitely not miss this stall!

Steam milk!

I’m not a fan of milk, hahaah so oh wells.

G/F, 513 Nathan Road,
Hong Kong, Tel: +852 2374-5460

We decided to spent our last hour at Xu Liu Shan cos we had nowhere to go & didn’t really have anything else to buy. So we just rot there and took many photos. hahaha

Really love the mango pomelo 🙂

I feel like I’m doing a watch advertisement.

We went back to our hotel and took a cab back to Kowloon station to catch our airport express to the airport. It was an interesting experience cos we get to check in at the train station itself with our baggages transported all the way to the airport for us! But we were damn worried as we kept thinking whether they will reach Singapore safely. haha it was damn hilarious but glad it made it back in one piece 🙂

Checking in. They have all major airlines so fear not

and later at the airport..

This was dinner. I was searching for nissin noodles soup but I couldn’t find in the airport. 😦 so i made do with tom yum prawn noodles which was.. alright. haha and less than 2 hours later, we had supper on the plane. GOSH. I think the whole day we were just eating and eating and eating nonstop -.-

supper, which was as bad as the roast goose. HAHA. Really, just don’t have expectations for the food on hong kong air okay. lol

and they served this, beancurd. Initially I was thinking whether this was tofu or beancurd cos it looks suspiciously big like those you buy at wet market. hahaha. I managed a try. Well, it was.. interesting.

One thing that surprised us was we were given the more leg room seats and look how wide they were! 🙂 Really pleased. hehe

And really sad to leave hong kong 😦

ahhh. That’s it folks!

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  1. Selvinas says:

    Have you got any food I should definitely try that you think is really Hong Kongnese?
    I”m goign there next week and am trying to figure out my to-do list ;p


    1. irisslove says:

      Hi! I guess hk is all about dim sum & char chang teng. Try condensed milk bun, nissin noodles with fried egg & luncheon, egg waffles, milk tea and lots of dim sum! And hk’s wanton noodles is special in their own way and also, do pay a visit to their roadside carts that sell curry fishballs


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